a motorcycle trip to South-Africa in 2013

I want to ride on a bike in Africa. It has been on my wish list for a while, actually since 2009. This is a bit of My Dream Board

A bit of my My dreambord

  January 6 I google for a motorcycle trip to Africa in 2013.

This I find:


23. January we go to South Africa. Are you impulsive contact Claus to join us.

So I did.

Here the holiday I’ve wanted

So sightseeing in Cape Town
First we look at the Mc´we will use.Very nice to talk to the guide and support vehicle driver Mike and Chris. It feels good and I think I will have a great holiday in South Africa

First stop is Bloubergstrand Beach South Africa where we are welcomed with champagne.

SA_2013 3

It is beautiful but the water is freezing

Bloubergstrand Beach South Africa
 Then we went to look at Table Mountain  we took the Table Mountain Cableway and had lunch at the top.

We were lucky because it’s not every day it is possible to get up there doe to the wind. Great view, nice to see the clouds that came and suddenly covered everything and then it was clear. Then we were on different viewpoints of Cape Town. Tired but happy I go to the Protea Hotel President. In the evening we went out and had dinner at La Perla. Wonderful day and great to meet new friends
Her er link til bilder fra 24 februar  

Friday, 2013 January 25
We get a day in the city of Cape town. It’s nice to walk around and look at everything and everyone, a coffee here and lunch there. Products and people who entertain. A nice day in the city with Erik and Jette. So we gathered with Ingeborg, Fred and Claus before we went to the hotel. Later it was dinner and a visit to Mama Afric20130125capetown28               Click pick to see more



Sometimes it’s cool to take pictures of those taking pictures with slightly better cameras than me.

 2013 01 25 A day in Cape Town in Pictures

Saturday 2013 Cape Route 62 is the tourist route in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape, South Africa that meanders between Cape Town and Oudtshoorn, the Langkloof and Port Elizabeth, offering the shorter, scenic alternative to the N2 highway.Now I’m here, having the great adventure,Route 62 og Garden Route i Sør Afrika.

I am so much looking forward to this trip. The bike is a little too high for me. This gets a little tricky, but I think it will be nice when I get used to it. Aohoy how it goes. In a road cross the bike stops, but I get it started and get out of the intersection. I am thinking that this might be very tiring.
At the next stop the bike does not start again. The battery does not charge. They get a new battery but it’s not ready, so they take away the bike; uhu.
While we wait:
                                                                                               It’s pretty hot to wait
they are going to get me a new bike and that is great. I must back ride with Claus. We are riding the Baines Kloof Pass with steep hills and many turns.
Seen from the back seat to Claus:
Seen from the back seat:

It’s fun but I would rather not sit back here. Unaccustomed to being a passenger; where do I put my arms and legs. It’s not the most passenger friendly bike maybe.

I have to do Something back here:

Is it fast or??

Lunch is not quite as it should, we are delayed and they’re closed. But there will be food. In the afternoon they come with a new motorcycle to me. Still a BMW but now a lower type. Absolutely perfect, I have contact with the ground with both feet at once. I like. I am on my own bike into the hotel in Montagu. Here we are served dinner outside in a nice garden.

Photos from Saturday, January 26

Sunday 2013-01-27

Ronnies Sex Shop
Ronnie painted the name Ronnie’s Shop on this cottage next to the R62, planning to open a farm stall to sell fresh produce and fruit. His friends played a prank on him by changing the name to Ronnie’s Sex Shop. Initially angry about the involuntary name change, Ronnie left the name and continued fixing the dilapidated building. His friends would stop by for a chat, having a few beers and throwing a couple of chops on the fire. During one of these evenings, someone suggested: «Why don’t you just open a pub?»
Ronnie’s Sex Shop has had visitors from all over the world, judging by the graffiti, it has also become a regular pitstop for bikers, the local farmers and people travelling this road regularly.

 There is no sex here
We visit Safari Ostrich Farm today. I have never thought that there were ostrich farms, but there were many of those in the past and big business. Now they drive some alternate with tours and meals for tourists. A little thought; we walk around to look at and ride the oshtric and then have some for lunch.

 We also see Cango Caves today. It’s exciting that people lived there.

Cango Caves

We have ride many mountain passes and crossings on Route 62 today. A little dirt road too and that went smoothly. Savannah-like landscapes in the Klein Karoo on the way to Oudtshoorn. Today there will be dinner and overnight at Thabile Game Lodge.

Thabile Game Lodge.

The drive over the Swartberg mountain pas; great experience. We had an hour in the  Addo Elephant National Park when we arrived. The first thing I see is a zebra right off the porch.

Exciting and we were lucky; we met many of the large animals. Accommodation in cabins inside the park. The guides Mike and Chris made dinner for us in one of the cabins. Great day on the road.
Photos from 2013 01 28
Yet another day in Paradise 

Tuesday 2013-01-29

Starting very early today. Ready for Addo Park at 06:00. And we are lucky today too. Several large animals to see and that is so great. The park is 145,000 hectares and there are about 400 elephants, 450 buffaloes and many giraffes, zebras and antelopes, lions ..

We met the elephants today too, simply meeting them in the middle of the road. I do not have a lot photos of all the animals and hope to get some of those who had the better camera than me.

It was great. Want to see more please click on the link below

The pictures speak for themselves.  

Depart for Tsitsikamma

Ingeborg care to rest a bit
Tsitsikamma Village Inn

Eating dinner and overnight in Tsitsikamma Village Inn. Great place and as usual the food delicious.

Wednesday 2013-01-30

The Tsitsikamma National Park is a protected area on the Garden Route, Western Cape and Eastern Cape, South Africa. It is well known a coastal reserve for its indigenous forests, dramatic coastline, and the Otter Trail. On 6 March 2009 it was amalgamated with the Wilderness National Park and various other areas of land to form the Garden Route National Park.[1]

We’re going to Mossel Bay 🙂 We will be at Point Hotel 

Photos from Wednesday 2013-01 30

Thursday 2013-01-31

We visited the Dias Museum to see the discovery of South Africa and a replica of the boat that was used.

Today I had 10 mil on a dirt road and it went very very well and fast too, very proud.  It’s because of the bike and Claus who said: not hold so tightly to the handlebars and when behind wheel sling it is only the bike that does its job. So don’t worry about that

There is something wrong with the rear wheel of Caroline’s bike. There will be some waiting while they repair.

When we are driving, Caroline and Claus disappeared behind us. We stop to wait.

It turns out that she has forgotten her phone and Claus has turned to retrieve it. When Caroline came up to us the back rear is on fire. I cry fire and I think it takes an eternity before someone responds. We have helmets on but Fred sees the situation from behind, he thrive the water bottle from my bag and put out the fire. Mike the guide is looking around to see where the fire is.

So now its Caroline’s bike that has to be sent away and Caroline’s turn to sit on the back with Claus. They will order new parts to repair later.

Tonight we are located at Arniston hotel. Great hotel and great location, just look at the link you’ll see.
Bilder 2013-01-31 Every day is a day in paradise

Friday 2013-02 01


Tip of Africa 

We are now in the Table Mountain National Park.We have taken the  bikes all the way to the tip and it is strictly speaking not allowed. But fun. At the Tip is where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet. We have A great day on the bike. We drive over mountain passes and on dirt roads; there are experiences and challenges all the time.

Lots of nice places
We look at the penguins

we do lunches and it’s cozy

Good  food

My motorcycle tipped on the cobblestones at  the  on arrival Auberge Rozendal. Owe the new guide has arrived and he is trying to repair the handle of the mirror that are broken. Mirror is intact but there is a screw jack. So he has to order a new one.

Auberge Rozendal

  Picks from Yet another day in paradice

Saturday 2013-02-02
We are still in the  Table Mountain National Park. We visit the Cape Good Hope. We are pleased with the new guide Owe. Mike had other assignments and left yesterday.We are still in the Table Mountain National Park, We are pleased with the new guide Owe. Mike had other assignments and left yesterday. We visit the Cape Good Hope

We visit Cape the good hope

Ingeborg In the car today; Fred has an ear infection and has been to the doctor.

Here we are at Cape Point.



Video her, but it wont showClaus sier :Chapman´s Peak
On our way back to Cape Town. Still standing up with 2 kg of Canon in hand 😉 Must buy a GoPro soon! I drive as nr two.


This is from Chapmans Peak

Great day with many fine roads, turns and viewpoints.

We deliver the motorbikes and say thank you for the trip

Chris drives us back to thekjører oss tilbake til Protea Hotel President.

There is a surprise for us:

In the evening we go to the Ritz Hotel and the closing dinner. Sitting in top floor were the floor is going around while we were eating. Stylish.

Picks from yet another day in paradice

Sunday 2013-02-03

We are even at a Baptist church. There were a lot of life and song. Great vocals and rock priestToday we have Guided tour of Langa Township outside Cape Town. There are numerous sheds and many poor.
But there are also many projects and much hope. Those we see and talk with are happy and satisfied.


Video av Claus Diseth Will look into this problem with video.


 Monday 2013-02.04

Vi are invited to Rolf, one of the owners of the company who manage the rental of the bikes. It is a nice and different dinner party. Delicious barbecue.
Quiet and calm day. There have been many experiences of all kind lot of things to think about. Gazing online and at FB. Has hardly been online. To day no wake up call, hung up signs with: do not disturb.  We have started the day at 09: everyday, you be finished with breakfast and ready to go by then. One does not skimp with the breakfast when on tour. I had lunsj with Caroline before she left today, nice farewell and maybe we’ll see you in Hellas.

Tuesday 2013-02-05 

Today pool day. Exept for a taxi to Cape Town and visiting Harley Davidson shop. Got me a new top and a leather vest.

In the evening there will be dinner at the hotel with Ingeborg and Fred. All the others have gone on other missions.

Wednesday 2013-02-06


;-)We have to check out of the hotel at 11:00. The plane leaves at: 20:45. That means a long day. But we meet with Claus at Rolfs place. There will be some sunbathing on the roof and some swimming in the pool. Late lunch at a special coffee roasting café. Rolf come from work and drives us to the airport.

I just have to thank you all for a swell holiday with really nice people it was great to get to know you.