The story of my cancer

2011 Min kreft historie

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I have printed lots of photos. It is time to get them into albums. I am a year behind, so now I have a lot of cozy work to do this autumn.

I have ordered paper picks from an electric shop called ElKjøp. They often have offers after holidays, and then I can buy picks for 0.0864 USD each.

I have a good time looking over the picks to find out, which I want to make paper picks of, and then again, when I put them into different albums. I have albums for me and I make albums for each of the grandchildren. They love to look into them and remember when we did this and that.

Today I got to the pictures that I took while I had the cancer operation and radiation treatment. That is not exactly cozy but interesting and I did it to remember what I went through.

The doctor had told me that I had cancer and I sat in this room waiting for a nurse who was going to prepare me for what would happen to me before and after the surgery.

So while sitting there, I think it is a little tough. I shed a tear and was a bit sad. I thought I had prepared myself for this but deep down I did not think I had cancer. I had told myself that I am going to get a message either I have cancer ore I have not. If I do not have cancer that is great, if I have, they will take it away and that will be great too.

I decided to take pictures of me and what happens to me while I am going through this period of my life. I even had to smile sitting there crying and taking the picture.

I have been sick without being sick really.

I was holidaying in Thailand while I waited for surgery. We had many exiting experiences to do, 3 birthdays to celebrate and a lot of tanning so I did not have time to think too much about what was to come.

Back home I vent to surgery the day after. You just have to trust the system and the people who can do this. In a way put your life in their hands, because this is not something I can do ore fix.
There are so many good comforting, helpful angels in the hospital so it is not difficult.

I had some complications, internal bleeding and severe swelling it felt like it was going to crack. After a while, the tit got a little hole and it was bleeding, it was like a natural drainage.  This was repeated and it was a bit annoying, at a boat trip to Kiel, I had to visit the infirmary and get new bandages.
Now it was time for radiotherapy. First, they had to make a map on my body. Then they took a trial round.

This has to be very exactly so they don’t do damage to more internal organs than they have to.

It got a little burn after a while, red, sore and a little hole. I have been lucky in this matter too just a little damage to my lung. I cannot dance all night anymore anyway.

So now, I’m finished with the treatment.

And it was like I said: if I have cancer, they will take it away and that will be great too.

That’s it.

Klikk her :Here are some pictures from my medical cancer history.

Sometimes pictures say more than words.

I hope no one will be offended by some tits. I have cropped the pictures, so that you only see the wounds and swelling but you can see that it’s a tit.

I know someone who said tits are tits, but of well I take the chance.

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