Primus rally at Fjorda

2013 02 23

2013-02-23 Primus treff på Fjorda

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Today I took a trip to the primus rally at Fjorda.
There were a lot of people and lots of tents. And there were many variations of camping stove.
And the food was plenty, food and drink. There were meatball with pea stew and gravy and some peanuts that fell into it and Moose steak and some really good sausages. I ate from the time I arrived until I left.
It was mild and a nice day, plus degrees and slightly overcast. But to sit still can be cold anyway and I borrowed a couple of huge boots, and then I got black current toddy. There were Danes, Germans, Dutch and more. Everyone was willing to be taken photographs of so I have some lovely picks.


Very enjoyable day with smiley and pleasant people.

Thanks for the ride

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