Malene and Markus

2012 01 03 Malene and Markus

2013-01-03 Malene og Markus

Markus called Wednesday and asked if I could pick him up at school. We discussed a bit and agreed at 14:00.

2013 01 03 Markus (3)
We did some shopping first but he was not quite there. He bought a reflex to his bicycle, a superman alarm clock and a snowsled that would stay at my place.
He did not like that I used some time to look for footwear to myself. Ååå mormor not one more shop!
Then we went to a café; it was what he wanted most, soda and bowls went down.
Then home to make pancakes. He does not need much help now; manages most alone.
Malene calls, she will also visit.
We collect her and then home for pancake and crushing of gingerbread house.
That’s what I call a great day.

Malene og Markus januar 2012. Dato bilde er feil (2)

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