Kieltur with the guys

The guys are Geir and Magne Harald they are 2 blind brothers.
Lill-Tove and I have been their companions (escorts)  at their  Christmas party when they take the ferry  to Kiel ( Big Christmas party on board).

It is very nice, lots of people enjoying themselves.

They have expressed a desire to travel to Kiel in the summer too and we have said that we can do that.

It’s a long time since we decided, right after Christmas last year actually. So they have waited and looked forward for this for a long time.

Geir is so happy he jumps up and down. When we say this to Magne Harald he says:

It shows not so clearly on me but I am looking forward to this as much as he.

We had a nice trip, lots of good food, good companions and some good drinks.

Lill-Tove`s sister and her family were on the same trip and we had a great time together as well.

Among other things the entertainment on board, It was enjoyed very much.

There was one waiter who poured a beer into my lap and also some on Anna.  So we had to wash our clothes.

There were free drinks on all  when we come back after change of clothes. They whispered something that I had waved my arms, but it can not be.

In Kiel we were abroad and had cold beer in the sun. Lots of outside restaurants  and we did some shopping too.

On the way home it was sunny and nice on deck.

A great trip, so thanks you.

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