From Lofoten via Trollstigen, Atlanterhavsveien, Tornes and Geirangerfjorden and home

We have plans for the home tour that includes  Trollstigen, Atlanterhavsveien og Geirangerfjorden and a visit at Lill-Tove place at Tornes

After the storm, I’m not so sure if this will happen. But we have to go back home.

We are weatherbound in Lofoten until Tuesday. We had plan to stay today if the weather was nice, now we have to stay because the weather is bad.

 Mandag 16 juli

2012 07 16 En tur på VikingmuseetKlikck for more

I have ordered a new tire for HD, front tire was worn and with this wet roads I just have to buy a new. The tire has come so we go to Leknes and replaced it. At Esso station Terje and Sigmund  fix it in a flash while Astrid and I are spectators.

Then we go on a tour to the Viking museum at Borg.   Exciting tour with headphones giding you. We will be joined by Mai-Britt and Ole Jacob from OWB, they are weatherbound as well.

The ferry will not take MCs, there have been several rollovers and accidents on board because of the wind.

Wind is probably a bit too weak expression. It has been a storm out there.

Then we go home to Rita house, ful of aunts and uncles and make delicious food together. We enjoy a glass of wine and coffee with baileys.

 Tirsdag 17. juli

2012 07 17 Bøstad til Lundhøgda campingKlick to see more

We had planned to take the ferry from Moskenes to Bodo and drive the coastal road as much as possible.
The ferries will still not bring MCs. We go back to Lødningen take the ferry to Bogenes  that will work it is a little bit more sheltered there.

Fra Bøstad til Lundhøgda camping.


 Onsdag 18. juli

2012 07 18 Over saltfjellet igjen til Hytte ved MajavannKlikk på bildet for å se flere bilder

Today, we reach Maja lake we are still on holiday and the weather is good. Here is fishing cabins for rent. There are several people here that are fishing I think. It’s a nice barbeque hut, do not think it’s called that but there is an oven in the middle and benches around. And it’s firewood there and we also buy more firewood. That’s fine for inside the cabin is just bunk beds and no place to socialize.


Torsdag 19 juli

2012 07 19 Hell

Have been driving most of today. We stop to eat and have breaks but there is no
special attractions and it is a little wet.
We’re going to Hell where we have dinner. Sigmund, Astrid and Rita are going home now and they will take another route. Terje and I agree that we should drive Atlantic Road, Trollstigen and Geiranger Fjord, which we have determined. We drive towards Trondheim to overnight at Vikhammer motell og camping i Malvik 

So now I’ve been to Hell and is moving forward.

 Fredag 20 juli

2012 07 20 Atlanterhavsveien -Trollstigen Camp i LandalenKlick pick to see more

Travelling from Malvik to Kristiansund and Atlantic Road. It rains a little drizzle. Terje drive to the side of the road so we can take on the rain gear. It slopes down and I run on a little big stone, mc just bounce to the side and throws me off. So there I am rolling across and around. The speed was not too high; should stop, but I’m a little disoriented. I bounce up and Terje coming to help me up with the HD. It looks good, no major damage. But footrest is broken. Slightly pain in my keet.

We continue, but it is a bit difficult to drive with the broken footrest.
Terje switching over one of those from the rear.
So we can just drive on again.
Atlantic Road is amazing. We run the bridge three times. We have a long stop and look at everything around there and take lots of pictures.

We go on to Lill-Tove at Tornes. Nice and Cozy with family, good food and coffee.

It’s getting late and we are invited to stay in the dollhouse. It was nice there, but we’ll move on. Closer to Trollstigen. We begin to look for camping, but for the first time find it difficult. One that Terje is talking to says that we just have to get out of Åndalsnes where everything is full.

We then drive to find a campsite outside Åndalsnes.
But it turns out that it was more than outside, it was after the Trollstigen (troll ladder).
Then we have to drive up Trollstigen now; oi. I have a pain in my arm, and I’m very tired.

But Well ok. just have to do it.

I’m struggling my way through but does not quite appreciate the fine outlook right now, it’s getting dark too. But we arrive the top and gaze, but thus this was not the intention, we’ll have to run the other way tomorrow. As we continue to the camp.
But my bike stops. It just stops will no more. So there I stood and Terje went …

He comes back of course and we try to start but it’s nothing to do, it will not start.
So then we decide that Terje drive to the camp, I pack of mcen and he can come back and get me when he has emptied his HD.

While I go there to unpack I see a man on  the roadside far away.

Hm strange.
I continue to explore the site, it’s an old closed cabin, it’s a chain across the road so I can not push HD as far of the road as i wish.

But I walk in there and wonder. Then I see the man again, hm in the middle of nothing. Terje return, campground is closed and no one answers the phone.
Neither do the insurance company, I am mighty annoyed at the moment.
It’s late, very little battery on the phone; so I can not call any more.

Just have to wait until tomorrow.
Ok we’ll put up the tent, it’s soaking wet and slightly defect after the storm at the rally; but it will do.
We are fortunate that Terje bought a new mattress pump and even charged it.
We bought food even thought we really ment to wait until the next stop.
We have  some candles that Terje put on a flat stone in the tent, maybe it dries up a bit.
Ok, so here we are.

I see the man again, thinking that of course there is no one standing aroud, there must be some markings on the roadside, perhaps there is a hole or a dump there.

So we eat and go to «bed.» Kidding a little and says what if there are bears here.

But we fall asleep and sleep well.

It’s a small river there and a waterfall and it sounds delicious.

It’s been a long day with a lot of content, I must say.


 Lørdag 21 juli 

We eat breakfast, Terje playing Terje Monsen, light a fire and cook coffee in a YX kopp serving me coffee, there are stars in the book by actions like that.

I get in touch with Viking and they will come get me.

So now I can really see the Trollstigen (troll ladder) from the front row in the Viking vehicle.
We discover also some who base jump so he stops thevehicle so we can see. He who jumps are black so it is not easy to spot him.

When we get down to the workshop Terje buy a newspaper.

On the first page it says: Tourists terrified of bears.

Pick from the newspaper

So after a while I wonder; what it was I saw down the road last night, because when Viking man came and we were up on the road again, there was no man and no markings down the road.
Maybe it was a bear.

2012 07 21 Havarert HD vikingbil til Åndalsnes

In Åndalsnes the Vikingman and Terje checks theHD again, there are no sparks on the plugs. There’s no one who can fix it.
We check into a hotel, expect this to be covered by insurance.
It is delicious with a shower now and good dinner with wine and beer.
Comfortable bed and a good night.
Terje calling friends who screw a bit on bikes and gets some tips on what to look for.
He ponders a lot and long before he falls asleep.
In the morning breakfast is ready.
But the coffee is not as good as the one I got this morning.


 Søndag 22 juli

2012 07 22 Trollstigen ferge fra Stranda til Liabygd Klikk

Click on the picture to see more photos

I’ll call up the insurance company,
they have not called me back.
They got the phone call from me in the middle of the night that I needed help.
phone call was disrupted and they did not call me back.

They had my number, they sent me a tekstmessage:
Asking about what I thought about the conversation and if I would recommend them to friends. I should judge on a scale of 0 – 10 where they probably thought that 10 was not what they expected.

I answered: 0 right now, so I thought they should have called me up again yes.

But anyway I’m calling Falc, the man says we need to go to Ålesund where there is a HD workshop. He will call and arrange it.

But then it turned out that he The Viking man was running  bouth Viking, Falc and NAF so. .. And he has no time get me to Ålesund, and besides, it is closed and the bike then had to stand outside. Better that he drive me on Monday. But now we have sjekt out of the hotel in the expectation that we’re going to Aalesund. Have begun to look forward to a night in Ålesund, supposed to be a nice town.

But we’ve got plenty of time now nothing will happen until tomorrow.

Terje has pondered a little in relation to the advice he has received on the phone. So he does HD and examining stuff. And voila, he fixed it.

There are more stars in the book of such cases yes.

It was good, we think will it run long enough so that we can run Trollstigen again today?
Can not very well go to Ålesund and Harley workshop with a HD that works.

We’re leaving.
It will be a fantastic trip up Trollstigen.
Now I’m rested and can enjoy both, turns and views … LOVELY.

So we take the small ferry from Liabygda to Stranda from there to Hellesylt.
We overnight at Stadheimfossen Camp and Cabins.
The cabin is like for themselves under a waterfall.
It’s not like that cabins located next door.
Very cozy, now everything is just happiness and life is absolutely amazing.

 Mandag 23 juli 

Very clear for the ferry across Geirangerfjord today

2012 07 23 Ferge over Geirangerfjorden fra Hellesylt

Travel from the cabin to Hellesylt to drive onboard the ferry to enjoy the view of the Geiranger fjord

The ferry from Hellesylt to Geiranger

Great trip up from Geiranger, steep and sharp turns up from Geiranger, almost like the Trollstigen.

Then it’s back home, about Vågå, Tretten, Gjøvik and Hønefoss.
Terje is traveling to Notodden.

We had a wonderful trip. Drove the route we had planned and then some.

Thanks for a great trip

 Map i dag

404 km

Diverse linker jeg har brukt

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