Holidays in North Cyprus 25.05 – 8 June 2012

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I’ve been to North Cyprus with a friend. It’s not quite as much tourism there as elsewhere on Cyprus. There is a part that is occupied by Turkey and it is UNIFIL troops there to guard the peace. But it is peaceful there and everyone says if someone stops you and talks to you it’s just to help.

We will borrow the apartment of some relatives. It will be lovely with sun, beach, water and sand between our toes. But as I said not so much tourism here yet, there were not as many beaches and we had to drive a cab to get there. We should probably have researched a little more.

It was a great apartment, 2 pools and a restaurant.


One day Shah the gardener took us to a beach a few mil away. It was called Kurtulus, it was just us on one side of the beach and eventually came a few pieces on the other side. Season is shown not completely started, we heard. But there was a hotel there and we bought lunch and enjoyed ourselves in the sun. Hm so delicious.

Another day we were in Famagusta, visiting the ruins of the ancient city

 Salamis fra 1100BC 

Salamis from 1100BC

So we are looking for a beach again, Shah driving us to a hotel by turtle beach Esentepe. He is on his break only so he turns and runs back immediately. We walk into the hotel to get breakfast. There is a big man on a couch with sheets on. It’s closed he says. You’re kidding, I say. But no. They will not open until next week, he can take orders for renting room. There is no food and we are hungry. We have driven past a store not too long ago so we are starting the return. On the way we find a Hacienda and there we had delicious breakfast, eggs and bacon and coffee and ..

As we go further back to the shop and the bank machine, and well we just has to see what the day brings.

It’s not easy to go roadside, cars coming fast and does not take us  into account. Lill-Tove is nearly getting run down. It is only thistles and «dangerous» grass, snakes and so we can not go out in the ditch either so this is a risk sport. At the top we see the store and we ask the man if there is a beach nearby and he said yeah right down here is the beach just follow the road down to the sea. And so we did. There is an abandoned restaurant there. Only the walls remain. Sand on both sides. May be it has been nice once.

But there is nothing and the beach is full of everything (Garbage).

But we have towels and there are stones. And there is sun, beach, water and sand between our toes.

We have purchased enjoy items from the store so; this is good.

But that’s just us in the world, I think on the whole beach anyway. So it’s time to go and we buy some food  and calling Shah, come get us home.

One day we took a taxi to a beach named Shayna Beach recommended by the girls in the office at See Terra. It was great. You can choose wooden flooring, sand or lawn. There is a bar and restaurant and beds for hire, showers and changing rooms. We really enjoyed. It was a bit expensive by taxi, so Shah fetches us when we are ready to go home, he is a kind and helpful gardener who get well paid.

So will have a trip to Famagusta and Palm beach. Shah has something to do there. He just  parked us on the beach. It’s a beautiful day, sun, beach, water and sand between our toes.

We had chosen the wrong side of the beach because it was expensive beer and bad service but the beach is great.

One day Shah ask if we will come to Nicosia, he has lots of errands and we can go with him. It will be a nice day in a different environment. Old, lots of shops and finally lunch at a sidewalk restaurant. Delightful.

Next outing is a festival. It’s up in Esentepe great festival that lasts for 10 days. There was lots of entertainment and many stalls with food and clothing. People from several countries to act, we looked at some Russians who danced. o hoi how it goes, tremendous speed and a lot on his knees too. Fun.

But it’s like in any adventure there is and end. We must go home. It has been a great holiday, lovely and relaxing with plenty of delicious sunshine. We have gathered a lot of vitamin D.

Thank you for a lovely holiday and for the loan of apartment :)))))))))))) 99

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