A Sunday ride on my bike

En søndagstur på MC  A sunday  ride on the bike
2012 05 20 En søndagsturClick pick to see more

So lovely weather to day I just had to ride my bike.

It was difficult to get out of Hønefoss doe to a cycling contest.
Closed all locations everywhere.
I had to go by running some backside roads that led me to the road that led me to the road to Ådal.
They have good ice cream there too.
From there  I drove through the wood road over to Bjoneroa.
Its a good bike road but it is early in the spring and all roads are not cleaned, there are rest of snow and sand after the vinter. Have to drive carefully. I have gone to a procedure too so I have to take it easy.

From Bjoneroa toward Jevnaker I stopped and looked at the ferry arriving Horn.
From Jevnaker I drove over Haug. Ending the ride with coffee together with my biker friends at the guesthouse was lovely before I went home.
It was a nice lonesome trip. Love that sometimes too.

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