Easter Holyday

2012 04 04 Påske hos Terje på Hjuksebø
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The weather has been so nice and sunny, almost spring. I Am going to Terje for easter Holiday and I would like to take my bike.
It’s not so nice weather right now, but think about it being awesome weather and I do not have a bike …
So I ride my bike; its was a bit cold but no worse than a hot whirlpool could fix.

We go hiking in the woods in lovely weather. A little bike trip too.

Friday we go to Sweden via ferry Sandefjord – Strømstad.
We travel to Sweden for there are many items that are cheaper in Sweden, especially meat, wine and liquor.
Terje says; the fridge has never seen so much food.

Saturday we are to BBQ with Heavy Horses another biker club at Notodden.
Great party with many biker friends from Heavy Horses and OWB.

There was also time for a trip to the Bellman pub before we went home.

It has not been the best of weather so when the sun breaks through on Sunday I return to Hønefoss on my bike. That turn out to be a good idea, the next days turn out to be cold and miserable.

Thank you for a lovely Easter Holiday

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