Picnic with Malene and Markus

2012 03 27 Picnic with Malene and Markus

2012 03 27 Malene og Markus på Picknic
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The weather is So nice and it must be exploited. Malene will go on a picnic, flowers picnic. We pick up Markus and head for the store.
There are some things you need when going on a picnic; such as biscuits, chocolate and milk so we can make cocoa.
Markus and I’ll pack and arrange food and bags while Malene is doing homework.
We travel to the old roadside cafe at Tyrifjorden and go on the rock ledge by the water’s edge to find a nice place to camp on.
There are not many flowers here, but Malene find some weeping willows and Markus find many rocks. It’s nice to throw stones far and farther than far.
Incredibly cozy with kids, waves, rubble, sun and cocoa; this is the good life I think.
We wonder where the blue and white anemones are.
We have to travel a bit and find them at the roadside.
However, the season seems to be almost over, even if it is early spring so we do not pick as many as they are fine where they stand.
With some coltsfoot and weeping willows beside it will be a nice decoration anyway.
We go on to Garntangen and eat the rest of the food and drink and try the pier.
It’s a little early for a bath but they have plenty of desire but indeed here they see that the ice is still here and the crow is on the ice to find food.
We toss more stones longer than long.
Thanks for a great day



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