Weekend on the bike at Hjuksebø

2012 03 25 Søndags tur på MC i mars
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Friday, I had the first long ride on my bike. I packed my mcbag and ride to Terje, I looked forward to the trip and the destination. It’s always fun to get to Hjuksebø.

Tomorrow Terje will take out his HD too so we can take a bikeride together.
He has to work a little bit even though it’s Saturday, sometimes it’s just the way it is.
I get some time on the porch in the sun, it is incredibly delicious to sunbathe now.

I am a bit keen if I can put it that way, have not been on a sunny holiday this winter so this was long awaited.

Saturday Ola and Lillian come by and the four of us had a nice ride on bikes to Årnes where we enjoyed food and coffee in the sun.
It is delicious with a hot bath after the trip, Ola and Lillian in their outdoor tub, Terje and I inside in the bubble bath, it does well on stiff and rusty limbs.

Sunday also bring glorious weather and we have agreed to tour with several bikers of OWB.
We ride to Langebru but they have not enough tables out in the sun so we go on to Eidsfoss. There it is cozy in the sun. Coffee, cakes and waffles for some.

Terje is staunchly, he will get rid of the stomach so he just enjoys his coffee. I am very impressed; I know how fond he is of cake.

Next stop will be at Hvittingfoss. There are some who buy hot dogs, the best thing Terje knows, but no, he is staunchly; no sausage on that guy.
If you wants a flat summer stomach; you have to sacrifice something.
Home we had Wok and fresh cut fruit:angelstew I call it.

Thank you for the ride
Her s a map of the ride


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