Turita at The Lazy Boys

2012 03 03 Turita har vært hos Lazy Boys
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It is the last day of the sale at the Lazy Boys Harley Davidson dealer.

Rita and I go there, it’s lovely weather and it tingles a little bit in the driving gene.

PMS is very high. (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome)

We are looking and looking at bikes and clothes.

Rita finds herself a nice jacket, I’m a little envious, but this one she deserves, delayed birthday gift.

I buy a gift to Terje and hope he is happy for it.

Out in the car I get a gift from Rita, a little trouble with the date of my birthday, but awesome with a gift from the Lazy Boys.
Back home with Rita, I take picture of the new fine jacket.
I also trained myself to take photos with self-timer.


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