Now I am healthy (no canser)

2012 02 23

Thursday 23 February 2012 I was at the breast clinic department of Drammen hospital and took the new mammography images.

The doctor says I’m healthy, nothing negative to be found.

It was the 24th February last year I found out I had breast cancer.

It’s been a busy and exciting year, first surgery and then treatments. I had to take the Health bus to the Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo every day.

I had just finished treatments on Friday 3 June and Rita met me at the Radium Hospital.

I had taken Mcen this day so we could go straight to the Blues Camp in Fredrikstad.

All  the people in the department where I had received radiotherapy came out to see mc min.
They wanted me the best of luck and good trip.

Then there was lunch and farewell to a woman I had traveled with on the health bus and had the same fate for several months.

No I could leave the Norwegian Radium Hospital and start life afresh.

It was nice to be on the road on motorcycles and rush out to Fredrikstad.

I felt free and healthy even if tits were swollen, leaking and painful.

Life is wonderful.

Link to blog about when I was sick

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