Winter vacation with Terje

  2012 02 25
A wonderful weekend with Terje.

2012 02 25 Skitur med Terje
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It’s so nice to come to Hjuksebø, sitting at the kitchen table drinking wine while Terje cook for us,

It does not come much better than that.

There will be a forest tour with OWB on Saturday and it could be fun, but we felt that we were not quite up that. I had my ski with me, so on Saturday we agree on a nice easy trip and so we did. I struggled, backward slippery skiing and ice in the slot,

It does not come worse than this.

Anyway, the sun is shining and I want it to be nice. I struggle my way and some places I have to carry my skis. Then we are at the top by a small lake and here I get my reword. Terje has packed a backpack with coffee, lunch, orange and chocolate, he has even remembered cream for my coffee, and the sun is still shining, so it was sort of like;
It does not come much better than this.
Terje is getting easy forward; he has waxless skis and recommends them. I did not want that kind of skies; it will go to slowly downhill, but now I think it might have been better. On the way home Terje see me continuing struggling, so he says try my skis.
Okidoki, that was better, yeah now I am going forward. There was no question of changing skis again, that is what it is to be a gentleman. I did not know that it was so bad he said; and I think for sure he thought;

It does not come any worse than this.

Back home, we agreed that it had been a very nice trip.

It does not come any better than this.

Thank you Terje

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