Markus and grandmother Shopping

2012 02 28 Markus and Grandmother shopping

2012 02 28 Shopping med Markus
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It’s winter holiday I have also free. That means there are no children who come to the usual on a Tuesday.
Mark and Grandma gos shopping. There are some things he thinks he needs.
«Christmas gift» to be achieved. At the parking garage, he is very keen to add parking tag correct, last time we were out shopping, we were fined, the patch was the wrong way. It was not readable.
He thought we had a great shopping, he is very happy.
Finished shopping, he is hungry, but it will not be in a café this time, the sun is shining and I do not want to sit inside.
He agrees with me, we’re going home and make waffle that we can eat outside, he says.
First, we had fridge soup, so on with all the new clothes and so he will out to cycle.
With the hat on, he bought a hat, what about the helmet? Ok we take a helmet, it could happen, he would cycle at bit faster and drifting a bit.
So this becomes actually the first swing tour, the swing beside the road in the great birch, always fun.

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