Harley Davidson Cruise with Color Fantasy to Kiel

2012 01 21  Harley Davidson Cruise with Color Fantasy to Kiel

2012 01 20 Harley Davidson Cruise med Color Fantasy til Kiel
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It will be great with an outing with my MC friends.
I look forward to the cruise and have found some of my MC stuff, much of it is orange because it is one of the colors in the logo.

It starts on the bus from Notodden to Oslo at 10:00PM. After just a few meters the fun is on.

On the bus
We are chatting and looking forward to a nice trip.

We sing as well, to practice the OWB song; we have to know It by heart.

Does anyone think that we have an opportunity to act?

On board we first have something to eat and a beer and then a powernap, it’s going to be a long night.

At 6: PM we gather to have one of this great eating’s, big tables full of the most delicious food, good wine, beer and desserts, of this is great stuff.

Then there is the entertainment on board with lots of great singing and dancing.

It is also good music in Donky bar, great guitar duo that swings properly.

Then there are many of us and a lot of people with good mood that also entertains.
But no singing of the OWB song though.

Thanks for the trip Terje, OWB, Color Line and Lazy Boys with Harley Davidson bikes.

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