Zinzino Event in Oslo

2012 01 14 Zinzino Event in Oslo

2012 01 14 Zinzino Event

The topic is Goals and objectives achieved

Hilde Rismyhr Sæle talking about The Slight Edge.

You achieve a lot by doing a little every day. Create habits that make you do things that bring you closer to your goal all the time.
The slight edge, what does it really mean?

She compared it a little with a tree, you can not see it grow, but they can be very large.
Edge: the edge of a knife, to us a little up front.
So what is your edge, what are you good at, that you can develop a little bit each day to be great.
Orjan, for example, is visionary and Hilde is disciplined, so they are the perfect couple to achieve great things.
We must be good at recruiting and scheduling.
The attitude towards our business is really important.

Are you more afraid to lose than to win?
She presents another opportunity to be silver with many advantages and new opportunities for all.
Why some succeeds:
Thought – Action
Results – Lifestyle
 What matters is:
1. Your habits
2. Focus
3. You are what you think

Next speaker is Director Øyvind Lien

He is a happy speaker and he is happy that there is a positive culture in the company.
In order to reach goals:
We must be good examples and one is with practice, serve coffee and doing what should be done.
Follow the system.

He says also inspect what you expects.
Crown Finn Olav Nenseth
Should we only do what is for sure?
Zinzino have a revenue growth of 46% in 2011, it is a good starting point for achieving goals.

Where am I, what do I want  and how do I get what I want?

These suggestions, you can use to achieve your goals within Zinzino and other goals you have.

Every night 5 minutes:
Make a list, 5 important things to do tomorrow (work tasks)
What should I do tomorrow to get closer to the goal?
Starting the day:
Look over the list, repeat and find space to do these things in between other things.
It is important to write up the tasks.
Within a year you have 1600 targeted actions.

In the evening:
Check list _ make a new one.

Goal setting should be:

  • S Specific
  • M measurable
  • A achievable
  • R relevant
  • T time-bound

Next speaker is Diamond Vigdis Andr
The system.
Teach the system to your partners and the system will work for you.
You get the freedom.
Just do it.

Next up is the Director Anthi Stahl

Anthisiastisk – enthusiastic

Join Anthi on FB, have a happy hour and determine new meetings.

Diamond Lars Vidar Synnes informs about Diamond what to do to make the Diamond trips.

See your goals and join Zinzino diamond trip to the United States

Turid on Stage

Here a link to my Zinzino

MY Zinzino Coffee

And here a link to my zinzino produkt 
Picksfra Eventet


 Here a link to my Zinzino
And here a link to my zinzino produkt

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