Malene and Grandma

2012 01 06 Shopping med Malene
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I do not buy very expensive Christmas gifts for kids. It is almost symbolic.

 Instead, we go shopping early next year. Malene like it a lot, it is very fun to go shopping and decide by herself.

We have asked the mother if there is something special she need, but she had complete control of what she needed and wanted.

She was in the shop and so and so and look for things.

There will be shirt and tights, looking for a special vest but she did not find.

So we agree that we can go shopping a little later, it’s going to be more vests in the spring.

I found a nice orange top that I think is great, so I said I have to buy that.

 Yeah okay Malene said, but no you use my time thus grandmother.

So it’s time for ice cream sodas and cake and a delicious moment in the cafe.

Thank you Malene

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