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Common Causes of Depression

  If you’re depressed, it might not be easy to figure out why. In most cases, depression doesn’t have a single cause. Instead, it results from a mix of things — your genes, events in your past, your current circumstances, … Les videre

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Harley Davidson Cruise with Color Fantasy to Kiel

2012 01 21  Harley Davidson Cruise with Color Fantasy to Kiel 2012 01 20 Harley Davidson Cruise med Color Fantasy til Kiel Klick pick to see more It will be great with an outing with my MC friends. I look … Les videre

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Zinzino Event in Oslo

2012 01 14 Zinzino Event in Oslo 2012 01 14 Zinzino Event The topic is Goals and objectives achieved Hilde Rismyhr Sæle talking about The Slight Edge. You achieve a lot by doing a little every day. Create habits that make … Les videre

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Malene and Grandma

2012 01 06 Shopping med Malene Click on the image to see more pictures I do not buy very expensive Christmas gifts for kids. It is almost symbolic.  Instead, we go shopping early next year. Malene like it a lot, … Les videre

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