little Christmas Eve

2011 12 23 little Christmas Eve

Little Christmas Eve is a great evening in this house. For several years I have set the table for a lot of people, the last 10 about 30 people. This year, there was little dropout we were only 20.

In the beginning, we were not so many, the family has been growing.

It is a very nice and cozy evening. It is 23 years since they all were with me this special evening for the first time.

My mother was old and she liked to be with me for Christmas.

So we, me, my mom and my children; said to my sister and her family that they could come tom mom at my plays.

And that started this tradition, my mom died in 1994 but we have kept on meeting me and my sisters family. My sister died in 2002 but still we keep on doing it.

It is the most important day in the year for me.
On the menu we have are turkey, pork ribs and sausage patties. For dessert, there is rice cream with red sauce and fresh homemade fruit salad.

Everyone bring some of the food and I think that is the big deal with this party; we all have a part in it.

It is not my party it is our party in my house.

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