Holidays at Terjes place

Autumn holiday in Telemark with Terje

2011 10 08 Gaustadtoppen med Terje

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It is so great in Telemark, great nature, lot of interesting places.

The apples are ready and we picked some and made apple jam and an apple cake.

Delicious dinner some wine and a bubble bath. Then you can relax.

We did a car trip up Tuddal to Gaustatoppen, a fantastic mountain trip to look at the great views and the colour up in the mountain in autumn.

We have done this trip by motor bikes a couple of times and that is very nice, but now we think it is a bit too cold. I have a cold and a bad knee too so better by car this time.

The mountain is not quite as colorful as usual. Terje says it’s great, he has orange glasses on and he will not take them off. It is so great to look through them; he will be there at Terjes beautiful world he says.

It is slightly sour and cold, we would have been more comfortable if we have had better clothes on.

It’s good to come home to a spa tub, wine and good food.

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