Zinzino Event at Borås in Sweden

 Zionzino Event at Borås in Sweden

2011 10 01 Zinzino Event i Borås

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We were over 1000 people expecting to be empowered and enlighten.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Randy Gage was one of the fames speakers and it was nice and enlightening to listen to him both Saturday and Sunday.  

 clikc on Randy Gages blog from Sweeden

I have copied one of his other blog stories great to read his stuff.

Here is a link to his blog

Her is a link to Randy Gages blog


by Randy Gage

I’m in Bratislava, Slovakia (pictured here), the birthplace of my ancestors.  Yesterday I walked along the banks of the Danube River, reflecting on the last post.  You’ll remember we talked about whether I’m a savior or an arrogant jerk, since I’ve been accused of being both.

Of course the real answer is created by the expectations people bring to the table.  But you know what’s even more important?

The expectations you have for yourself.

You can’t be treated for prosperity; you must be open to receiving it.  And that’s true for all forms of success.  Even happiness.

Ever hear someone when something bad happens?  “I just knew that was going to happen!”   Then let them win a silly door prize at an event, or a radio station contest and they’re screaming, “I can’t believe I won!”

Everyone has a default setting.  They expect good things to happen or they expect bad things to happen.  So what’s yours?


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