Troll Rally at Fyresdal

At the Troll Rally at Fyresdal.

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2011 08 26 Trollrally

It was reported lots of rain this weekend so we know what to expect, but deep inside we still hoping for some sun. The weather was nice the most of the trip, Hege said she was envying us the biking. She usually bike but today she’s going by care, but after a while she was glad to be in the car, the rain was pouring down. We managed to put on our rain gear; but my running jacket was not as waterproof as I thought, but I did not get wet to the bone, just a little on my arm. Terje’s club OWB has two cars for the occasion so it’s easy to get all the things we need to build a camp along. Mai Britt and Lillian traveled earlier in the day so when we arrive they have already put up the tarp. That is so nice we have a place to put our gear while we set up the tents. From Notodden we travel eight motorcycles and four people in cars. Two people are in another camp, and there are four people from my club. Lots of visitors too so we had a very busy camp. There were about 1000 people on the Troll Rally despite the gloomy weather forecasts. You can buy wood to make a fire, that is so good and we roast hot dogs and have a lovely time by the fire. Anne has very diligently made herself a Troll habit with a rope butt and a sign on the back saying: Troll Kid. I think it is great when people put so much effort into an event and make so much fun. I have brought the wrong sleeping bag and I am a bit sweaty after all the dancing so at night I get a little cold. Saturday we borrowed an oven from Britt to have in the tent. It is so warm and we get to dry some wet clothing. We walk around the big camp the Troll Rally in the wood to see and talk to other bikers. There are many activities going on: you have to look at the pictures to see all the ideas and fun we had. OWB has arranged with cured meat and scrambled eggs and some homemade smoked salmon too, it all tastes absolutely beautiful. I have such a bad knee, but cannot completely refrain from dancing anyway. My breeding is heavy to due to the asthma in this watery weather too, but I want to dance. It brings out some difficulties, I get towed away from the floor; might be I don’t know my own best. Good that someone see that I am in pain. I am sleeping in on Sunday; it has been a long night. Terje turned off the oven so again it was a little cold. Shit.

Everything is ok, we have a delicious breakfast, and I get the heat back in my body. Eventually, all people are ready to leave; we fill up the fuel tanks and go home. Nice weather, not wet, and we have a delicious dinner on the Sea Serpent. Thank you for yet another nice weekend with Terje and biker friends.


2011 08 26 Trollrally
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