Malene making lunch

2011 08 16 Malene har servert lunsj

Malene making lunch

 Yesterday Emile offered to make the dinner and she did successfully. Malene and Markus want to cook too so today Malene is going to make lunch.  She wants to make tomato soup. She will have eggs and macaroni aside. A little help is necessary but not too much.

I don’t have macaroni but I have spaghetti. She thinks its okay to crack the spaghetti and use that instead. Markus is eager to help crack the spaghetti. I think I will find spaghetti parts for a long time. Markus is eager to cook too but he has to wait until next time they are coming.  He already know what to cook, it has to be something with sausages he says.

Malene is doing good watching the clock wail she’s preparing the meal and the eggs the soup and the spakkaroni is perfectly timed.

It was very good and today too we eat it all, nothing left.

Thank you Malene for the delightful lunch.

Emilie says she can clear table before she leaves to meet her friends.

 Thank you my grandchildren for yet another lovely day


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