At the Waterworld of Ringerike

2011 08 16 Barnebarn på Ringeriksbadet

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I had grandchildren Emilie, Malene and Markus for stay over.  Mom has begun on her job as a teacher again after a long holiday. David came for a couple of hours too and we had a nice time together. David was to have visitors of his own so he had to go home.

The rest of us packed up and went to have fun at Ringeriksbadet (Waterworld at Ringerike), there is not much beach bathing this summer.

This bath has different pools, hot water, diving boards, slides, jacuzzi and sauna.

There is also a café and places to sit and you can bring your own food and drinks too.

We had juice, biscuits and coffee and enjoyed our self for several hours.

On our way home, Emilie offered to make dinner. She had something in mind that she had made one time before at my place, just of some things she had found in the fridge. Therefore, we stopped to buy the ingredients she needed.

She composed some good in the pan, different vegetables and eggs and aside she served sliced potatoes. It was very good and there was nothing left in the pan.

Then it was time for fairytale at the bedside.

Thank you my grandchildren for a lovely day.


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