Blues festival at Notodden

Blues festival at Notodden

2011 08 04 Notodden bluesfestival

I leave to visit Terje on Wednesday, it is going to be a long weekend with lots of good friend and blues.

Some of the members of the OWB had prepared a garage and made it ​​a bar. Inside there is a big screen with footage of the band that is going to play at Notodden during the weekend. In addition, they have a tap beer and a coffee machine. There is a big party tent right outside so you go directly into the garage. There are carpet on the floor and posters on the walls. It’s also added a place where we are going to have breakfast and barbeque.

Many people are coming during the weekend, members and new acquaintances.

Terje and I will stay in a room at Ola and Lillian’s house that is so nice we don’t have to worry about how to get out to Hjuksebø at night; the taxi queue can be very stressful at night.
It is so wonderful and so nice and everything runs smoothly. That is what happen when people are going together to create something good.

We can go together to different events and concerts. This is so near that we can walk to everything that is going on in town. 

We visited Heavy Horses premises too; great music and they had a room for Rita so she too was in the middle of it all.

I thank so much for this event; I had a really good weekend with blues and good biker friends at Notodden Blues festival.


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