Turid and Rita on the road = TuRita

2011 07 26til08 01 TuRita på tur

Turid and Rita on the road
We are leaving Aalbæk after waving good trip home to OWB (Old Wise and Beautiful) and Heavy Horses. We put on rain gear for the drizzle and rain in the air. It is best to stay dry and warm; we are going to ride all day.

We’re going to bike at the west coast of Denmark. Map wise, we run the yellow, blue and gray roads and stay away from the large and highways where possible. We drive through Sindal towords Løkken.  Many nice small towns and beautiful houses with elaborate gardens.

We are cruising and enjoying ourselves, having some food and enjoying our trip. In the evening, we land at Hanstholm on the vest cost. It’s not a big place, but it’s really a lot of history here

Among the other big guns Air Museum Link

The harbor Link

We got a room at Sømanshemmet ( sailors home)It is a mixture of sailors home and hotel. Our bikes were admired from many windows, later we greeted a few of the residents. So we had secure parking in the back yard where the sailors guarded them.

Now we follow the road all the way along the west coast. We follow 181 to Agger shank, which is the ferry port, we will not run the ferry now but it was a nice trip down there. We go  slightly back and around Thyholm over to Lemvig.

My speedometer has gone mad, flying around and screaming, it’s a bit tiring. Finally, the hook fall of, but it still make noise and its leaking a bit of oil; eventually it becomes a bit quieter. Rita could hear it yelled through the sound of two Harleys and the helmet.

In Lemvig we found a reasonable hotel in the city. 227 USD for two nights for two people, one should not complain. It is a small pleasant town and we had delicious fish dinner on the pier. Rita says I should take a picture of her food. I do and that’s no small portion. There are some who believe that Rita does not eat, but here’s the proof, I have a picture of the plate before and after. Rita always eats a lot, but not so often perhaps.

We consider have a night out afterwards, but we are actually both tired and satisfied, so after taking a beer on the way home at night it is good to rest, just take a shower and lie down.

We have after all been to the top bike meeting partying for several days our bodies are screaming for rest, and so it will be.

We continue on the road along the west coast, from Lemvig we go through Thy National Park down to a beach just above Esbjerg. A lovely day on the bike in the nice weather, and it’s so nice to get to the beach and swimming, just enjoying mmm.

Thy National Park

Later we travel another road back to Lemvig and our Hotel. This is not talkingfood.no, but we eat a lot of good food indeed. A little shopping too but not much, bags and purses are mostly full. You can’t purchase all that stuff bike riding there is no room for that. Therefore, there will be food and drink as it goes away eventually.

Tonight we will take part in the nightlife, look at the city that’s for sure. So out we go, but it is a very quiet town, not much life here on a Wednesday night. So yes, no, we will stay a little while, it’s good with an Irish coffee or two, but it isn’t very lively; it is what is.

We talk a bit about how and where we should plan the route for tomorrow. Denmark is not a big country it is relatively fast to bike through. We have booked cabin at the Mc camp from Saturday. We don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to find a place to sleep, we agreed to travel to the MC camp at Nødager today Thursday. It is located outside a small town called Kolind. I have not written wrong, I do not mean Kolding. It is on the way to Grenaa. There is no cabin available, but the weather is nice and we have a tent so that is ok.

Very nice to get to the MC Camp, and we easily found the place, which was good. There was a welcoming committee there as well, Tom, Bjørn Inge and Hans Petter, people we know from Hønefoss. That was fun, we set up tent in a hurry no it is party time. There is a Lot of people in a good mood, Jorun and Krister from Notodden, too.

Friday we take free; no biking just sun and fun and new friends. They have good food at the camp; they have a god cook here. There is also an area for those who want to cook them self, grill and kitchen, laundry room and showers. It is a Pool too, but I think it is too cold and there are too many children there. There is a nice place to wash the bike too and I have purchased one of those polishes so I wash the bike for a long time.
Saturday we go to Randers to look at Graceland the Great Elvis Museum. I thought it was a smaller copy, but it is twice as large as the original, most people don’t believe that. The food is Elvis’s favorite dishes. Great day at Graceland in the sun, I don’t remember what favorite dishes we had.

Sunday we go on tour again, this time to Ebeltoft. We looked at the world’s longest wooden fregatt Jylland, very impressive. We intended to visit the glass museum too but it is not that tempting, it was lovely sunshine and we were more tempted by the beach.
 We found a beach and had an extremely nice day with sun and sand between our tows.

Back to mc camp again, nice to have a place to benefit from, easier to exploit the day when you know where to sleep. Denmark is not so big and from the MC Camp, you can explore the most really. There will be food and drink again a nice evening with many biker friends. Tom and Bjorn has left but Hans Petter will stay several more days. There are many nationalities, but most Danes, of course. There are many who have the tent here all summer and use it as a holiday destination. We had some beer and vine in the day and time flies when you sit like that and talking. I missed just a little music but you cannot have it all all the time.

There was a man trying to create a new drink using my cranberry juice, they were looking to create a red drink. There were many name suggestions but for me it was a matter of preventing bladder infection to evolve again, mixed with vodka it was good.

There was a fantastic sunset but I cannot get nice picture of it. My own camera drowned a while ago and none of us is good with Rita’s, I Otherwise use the camera on my phone but it is not completely good. I have to buy me a new camera.

Monday we are going home, the ferry is leaving from Hirtshals 1:45 p.m., we must be there an hour before and it takes about 2.5 – 3 hours to run so tonight we cannot be late. We are angel to leave at 09:00. I sat a while on the stairs to the cabin where Jorun and Krister lived; it was a nice ending to a great week in Denmark.

 We are ready 9:20, I think we get the time we need, but it is quite a fast trip and this time on a broad way.
 Rita and I were placed on either side of the ferry so I say: we meet outside. I thought we could pack the things we had purchased on the ferry in the shadow outside. O well, not so good maybe. I did not find a good place to stop, I were driven from lane to lane and did not know what to do.

Then a toll officer waved at me, I thought he understood my problem and offered to help. O was I wrong. I was caught by the custom.

He says: you don’t have a license plate.

Yes I said that is on the back of the bike.

Of course he knows this things, there are custom people on the boat that has seen this.

I park the bike and see for myself that I have no license plate. So what has happened?

I’ll call Rita and tell her where I stand, but then comes the tax collector hurrying, I’m not allowed to call he says. I have to tell Rita where I am, I say. We will find her he says.

We will make a control also he says

Did you bring anything?

Yes, I have vodka and vine.

Nothing else? No.


He asks if I have been in control before and I have not. I look out for Rita, and then he says,

There is Rita I think.  Then she comes in when she sees me. She is not happy because she would not stop outside really she wanted us to have met elsewhere.

Maybe she had something that should have been declared.

Then comes another tax collector with a dog, he walks past the bikes and there is no marking, we have only spirits, wine and cigarettes. They are only looking for drugs this time. We have to go inside and the dog is not marking on us either of course we don’t do drugs.  

 Therefore, everything is fine, they do not control any more.

He with the dog says I have to contact the police regarding the missing license plate.

 I ask how, do you have any number I can call. He looks at me and then he calls. Tønsberg Police say that I can travel, everything’s fine, but I have to make me a kind of license plate. Therefore, the man finds a piece of cardboard and ink and I can make a license plate.

it’s not long before we’re on the road again. It was very hot to go there in the sun and wait.

Pufh. Lucky us.

So we are on the move again TuRita on tour, thanks for the tour Rita






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