Bike Meet at the top of Denmark: Skagen

Skagen 2011 from Wednesday of Week 29

2011 07 20 – 24 Toppentreff på Skagen

I traveled to Terje on Tuesday; that will be a nice start to an active weekend at Skagen, Denmark.
 We will be traveling with OWB (Old, wise and beautiful) were Terje is a member and Heavy Horses both are mc clubs from Notodden.
We ride together from Heavy Horses club premises Wednesday morning. We are about 15- 16 people some have a hanger on the bike and there is one car too. We have lots of stuff to make the camp at the bike meet at Skagen. The ferry is very late, it is delayed by some problems, we should have been at Hirtshals at 21:00 but we are not at Skagen until half past 01:00 at night.
Setting up a tent in the dark is not easy, but by helping each other and with flashlights we made it. It was morning before we were ready to sleep.  
I had to go to a doctor, had a terrible bladder infection, it was painful, I peed blood. Terje followed me to the doctor, it was difficult to walk I was in very much pain. I got penicillin from the doctor and after a couple of hours the pain began to fade. We had breakfast up in Skagen city, and it was a bit nice as the pain disappeared, but any city walk was not what I wanted.  It was sunny but I froze in my wool sweater.
The camp is set and Lillian has made a new banner, very nice. There is also a long pole with a flag and flashing light at the top so we should find our way in the crowd and in the dark.
Rita arrived Thursday night and it was fine, she has said many times she will be with me at Skagen and now she’s here. It looked like she enjoyed it a lot too, she even a danced on the table.
Nice, funny and interesting people of various kinds and everyone want to have fun.
Saturday Terje, Rita and I had a motorcycle trip to the top of Skagen and up to the Green were Skagerrak and Kattegat meet. We were not quite up there, nice weather and sunshine but felt it was hard to walk in motorcycle gear. We had a lovely time at the waterfront.
On the way back down Rita and I visited Arild lying with his sailboat in Skagen harbor.

Arild want so much to have a motorcycle ride on a Harley and now he got it. I ride around at the peer and I heard him scream of joy.  It is so cool when people have that feeling so I liked it too.

Arild and his wife Vibeke served fresh fish cakes and soft drinks since we were going to ride our bikes, we could not enjoy the vine but we had a lot of delicious fresh fish cakes. Great boat and Arild and Vibeke was very nice, great hospitality, we were very well boated.

Vibeke filmed as we drove, Arild asked for one more little ride just as we were leaving. In a right turn around a «bend» or something like that I got too much over at the side and we «rolled over». Arild has been told that he should not set his foot down so he did not and down we vent. I got superhuman strength and lifted the bike so that Arild could get his foot free. There was not much damage, but Arild said later that the amputation had gone fine and he is in good spirits. He may joke that guy there.
Back at the camp there is a lot of fine music and other performances and competitions, housewife strip and properly strip and the like. Full house is called I think while the stripping was on.

Link to the bike meet at Skagen:

More link:

Many people coming to our camp, several members that have traveled at different times now gathering, some even located in a hotel so it can sometimes be up to 30 people if not more in the camp.

I use earplugs when I want to sleep because on a place like this, it is never silent, not in our camp or elsewhere but you have to sleep sometime.

Sunday it is over, we pack down the camp. Some of the stuff is packed in car an in the hangers so we don’t have to have all that stuff on our bikes.

We ride down from Skagen to a place called Aalbæk, there we are going to stay the night at at Aalbæk Tavern and Motel.

It is delicious with good food and good drink served on a clean nicely set big table. It is also delicious with a great shower, clean, nice beds, and a delicious almost silent night.
Monday Terje and the other people ride to Hirtshals to take the ferry home to Norway.

It’s a little exciting because it’s flooding and closed roads in Notodden so they do not know for sure how they are going get home.
Rita and I are ready for our next Event, a tour of Denmark.


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