Weekend at Hjuksebø with Terje

8-11 juli

This weekend I was at Hjuksebø with Terje. It was a lot of rain so we had to enjoy ourselves inside the house and on the veranda.

There was Tour de France on TV and a car racing too so it was ok to be inside.

I am knitting on a couple of socks so I was busy too.

In between the rain showers, I dug up a rhododendron that were about to die from lack of light, air and water. Terje dug a hole on the front of the house, with some new soil and water it can look forward to a brighter life.
We sat up the lavvo tent, to see if all parts were there and they were. I was but a couple of small holes that needed to be sealed. I am also concerned about the bottom, there isn’t any? I will sleep with gophers, ants and god knows what it will certainly be lively. Terje is going to buy a tarp and then it will be good.
We did a little MC tour between two rain showers. We were on Moose Lake Cafe and had coffee and cake, delicious.
I think it is the smallest café in Norway.
Sunday it rained so much too so it was not tempting to ride the bikes. Therefore, we stayed on the veranda, a quiet and calm day. Nice to get the tent checked and yes it was dry inside. I waited until Monday to return home.

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