Leadership training in Oslo

Leadership training in Oslo

2011 07 1-3 Event

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The theme is expectation.

It starts with us finally to see Daniel Laquian dance together with his group. They danced in a tremendous show a wonderful start.

Øystein Gjerme is the first speaker and he begins by talking about decisions, there is many to take during the day. Seize the day, Carpe diem and take your decisions in a positive environment.
He talked about the climate in the organization, is it a business where people will stay or will they go.
Using positive language, be aggressive, look for solutions and highlight what is good.
People should know you and that you are trustworthy, keep in touch with those who are in your team. Please note every time they do something good and positive; tell them about that; and what you expect from them.
Take one-step at a time toward your goals and their goals.

Thomas Tidlund
He talks about the difference between daydreams and daring challenging dreams.
To achieve the bold dreams, you must have discipline and not rely on a fluke.

You have to enjoy the journey and not just the goal; it requires hard work and no excuses.

Do not be afraid of risk, but see that it is desirable and necessary.

You must be responsible for your actions, do not let the actions of others make you not do what you should do.
We know that we need the daydream, and that they are important so we may need a daydream to find bold dreams but we need bold dreams to make daydreams become true.
Decide now to dream bold and daring dreams and commit yourself to do what it takes to get there.
Kurt Rystad
He talks about how to run this run this business.
We have a system that works so stay tuned to the system.
It will provide financial freedom within 3 – 5 years.
He is good at talking about this and how easy it really is. We just have to do it; there is no need to invent new ways of doing things. Just Do It.

Orrin Woodward talk about how big the coffee market is, what others in the coffee industry expects sales and growth for coffee pod sales will be. It is enormous, expecting sales of 12 trillion pods, so you just have to stay in. Pods coffee is here to stay and we will be part of this trend.
The plan is 4-2-2 if everyone does that and teaches their down line to do the same we will duplicate our efforts and achieve our goals.

Orrin Woodward talk about being positive, think positive.
We must learn to think positively, do not complain, do not blame others and don’t make excuses.
CEO Sophia Johansson talks about how we have grown and it is nice to hear about a growing company. We have increased by 55% last year and it is awesome.

There has been a long day but we had a long break. We went to a Chinese restaurant and the food and company was great. The day is long, from 11:00 until 23:00 but it does not seem so long when you experience and learn so much all the time.

Saturday starts with Øyvind Skarsem singing his own song about coffee, he is a very good singer and poet constantly writing songs about Zinzino and coffee, it is a great start.

Jan-Erik Nyman is talking about attitude, attitude. What you do will be duplicated.
How you talk about the product, system, promoting events, personal development, and how to develop the right mental attitude, everything will be seen and duplicated.

To avoid being on an emotional roller coaster, it is wise to think long term and focus on what you want to achieve.

You become what you believe and think. Ask good courageous questions, have positive affirmations.
What makes me happy, how does it feel?

Are you excited, proud, grateful, committed or loved?
About a problem you can think:
What is good about this
What is not perfect yet
What will I do with this
What have I given in all this
What can I learn
What have I gotten out of this
How should I use this in the best possible way
How can I enjoy this.

He taught us to clap so fast and hard that we knew and felt we had energy in our body.
When you are facing important tasks it is a good idea to give your body energy first.
Never give up: I Can, I Shall I will.

The new campaign was presented by Marketing Director Henrik Schultz and Lars Vidar Synnes. I will not go in that here.

Orrin Woodward
He’s talking about swimming in the same direction and get rid of the crap as fast as possible. It is best to resolve at ones while they are young, the craps do not disappear by themselves, they go underground. They are a problem that many are talking about and nobody does anything about.
One should solve problems professionally not personally but rationally and use the whole brain. In addition, go to the source; do not speak with any other. When any confusion is cleared up there may perhaps not be a problem at all.

Are you a part of the problem or are you a part of the solution?
Choose to be a part of the solution; try to understand the other part first, what do they think is wrong. Friendship is important; let the person talk without interruptions do not make any objections. Try to understand what it is.
Then you can try to be understood be neutral and seek consensus.
Do not talk down about someone; do not talk behind the back of someone unless you have lots of praise to come by.
Then it is wise to think; it is when we have made mistakes that we need love the most.
This will create a better you.
Kim Bækgaard explains the career ladder.

Peter Sorensen says that we can be proud of both the company Zinzino and the coffee company Malongo.
Compare you with yourself and get a little better all the time.
Annti Staal
You attract what you think about. Your brain is like a radio, you get what is on the cannel you choose. So what are you listening to?
Do not be a victim, even if you have trouble concentrate on the positive side, read, learn, think positive do the job and do not stay in the negative.
Set goals and sail wherever you want.
He has had some difficulty over a period and he found that it worked and he put himself in a happy mode.
You can cry and be sad but do not stay there.
Make yourself a happy hour every morning; it sets the standard for how your day will be.
Think out at night what a happy hour or even gold rush hour in the morning would be like for you, make it happen and you will see that the day will be good too.
Should we put this:

 Happy Hour on our status at FB for a month and see if it produces results.
Yes we do.

 Martin Jorgensen
Says: If you want your goals, act now.
It is all about you, duplication and leadership.
The depth of the target, the strength of determination and clarity of your attitude will chair your actions.
Be a climber.
Believe in the concept.
Follow the systems we have and you will reach your goals.
Follow up your down line and make sure they do it properly.
Make it your business, make it personal.
It’s not about doing things right but doing the right things.

You cannot do business sitting on your ass.

Orrin Woodward
A goal cannot be the end we must have new goals.
The ultimate goal is to have complete freedom in terms of both time and money.
So, learn this: Learn, listen and do.

IB Nielsen
The slight edge.
Push push push
 Do a little bit every day to get better all the time.

Hilde Rismyhr Sæle
Be a leader so the people in your group learn to be leaders.

Ørja Sæle
Do not let anyone steal your dream.

Turid is thinking:
So what now?

Should someone steal my dream?

Should I let people say that this is not worth it?
What I have seen of Zinzino is fantastic. We are talking about duplicating business, that is, we get everyone to do the same and we are growing.
The method is simple and it works.

What they also do is to duplicate good relationships, I see so many happy couples who work together toward a common goal.

We are at this leadership training in Oslo to become better leaders, better managers, better partners and better relationship partners and I think we become a better version of ourselves.
Yes; I will stay here in this positive environment, and let no one steel my dream.


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