Summer Holiday

2011 06 22 Første feriedag

The first day of summer holiday.

Tuesday the girls come a bit earlier than usual, it has been the last day of school before the summer holiday. Emilie has a teenage whims and remains in the city, to arrange something she says to Malene. The rest of us are preparing for summer vacation, pick up the swimming pool, balls and rings, and spread throughout the lawn with the new water spreader and new purchased water pistols. Bathing in the water spreader is fun but cold. Of yea the summer is on.

Wednesday is the first vacation day and we go to a place called Garntangen by the lake Tyrifjorden. We like to have ice cream and maybe a swim. Emilie will not, until now she was the most eager, is this teenage stuff too or?
She is with us and we enjoy the sun and the ice, and I have brought juice and biscuits. We have a little swim gear in case someone would like to swim and they do. Markus and Malene jump, splash, dive, and bombs. After a while there it is a little to cold and I have to stop the bathing. Lill-Tove is joining us.
Back home we have an easy dinner, sausage dinner, smoked turkey sausage with broccoli and strawberries for dessert, mmm delicious.
Later I bring them home, now 8 weeks of vacation is waiting, I hope they get a nice summer.

Thanks for two lovely days.    Video

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