HOG National Rally,Sandefjord 17-19 June

HOG National Rally 17- 19 June 2011

2011 06 17 19 HOG Rally Sandefjord

I have been at the National HOG (Harley Owners group) Rally this weekend in Sandefjord along with Rita and Helle.
It was raining when we left home on Friday; I was wet to the underwear before I get to Rita’s place. There I get some soft paper to dry my trousers and a new rain pants. We brave the storm and ride along. If there is good weather Saturday, we will be sorry we did not go. We will meet Helle at the Campsite around 1830; she arrived half an hour before we arrive. It had stopped raining just before we arrive in Sandefjord. Helle has not had any rain at all; she comes from Bo in Telemark. We have to go to a camp called Grantangen (spruce. Camp) (there is not a single spruce there). They will arrange minibus for us whenever we want to go to town to the Campsite, and it works great, nice drivers in Harley clothes, volunteers from the local MC club.
It is fun with lots of dancing and fine music Friday night. Meeting People from the north that we met last year when the Rally was at Lofoten, is also fun. One of them has arrived later than the rest and he ends up in the same camp as us.
It’s nice to get a lot of positive response too, considerably so. Anita and Lotta are also here and we talk and dance a lot.
At night, we will shuttle up to the camp; it is dry and nice. Rita freezes and she does so quite high. I have put hotman in my sleeping bag and am pretty good.
Saturday; sun and nice weather. My bike cannot start, Click Click Click Click, but suddenly it starts. We go to a HD dealer to check out the problem, but there is a queue, many people wanting help. If we had known it was the battery they could have helped me, but they need to troubleshoot and that takes time. While we are there the bike start and stop several times without any problem. So finally, we go to the Campsite and eat hamburger of all things, but that it or sausages. We had a bike ride out to Vora camp to check how the people there are doing, but it was quiet.
We head to our camp and relax in the sun it is a very nice place. We have an absolutely wonderful time; but we are perhaps a little lazy It’s wonderful, we are chatting and enjoying ourselves.
About eight o`clock we order a bus to take us to the Campsite.
I have put on the charger that I’ve borrowed from the HD dealer, has been parking next to the cafe. Going back to try before we go down to the Campsite, but it does not start, the battery fully so I’ll bring the charger and return it. There’s a couple of eager guys there, but I do not think they know anything about bikes. The boss gets the key to my bike and they will look into it.
Down on the Camp Site again, to have some dance and fun, but I am a bit tired, there has been an active day, also with little food. We are doing well and the weather holds. Steven Ackles plays and it is really good music that makes you dance. At midnight, it starts to rain and we pull into the big party tent.
Later we go for our camp and Rita says she has never gone to bed so early on a Saturday night in her entire life. I fall asleep quickly. Wakes up once and have to pee but I fall asleep again immediately. Wake up at 09, but decide to just turn around, when Rita is talking to me, I have to get up. Her tent is leaking and she will not stay here anymore. Helles tent has also leaked and she is almost ready to leave. So then, it becomes hurry hurry for me.
My MC does not work; klillklikk. We pack ready and then got some help to push it up the hill so I could start. It works well; it is just to keep it running in the rain. Outside Drammen, we had to fill the tanks, and I need food and coffee, my head is about to burst. It will not start after filling so I just push it to the side, and went to get some food and coffee. There are some motorcycle people coming in and I ask if it is okay with a push later if I cannot start and that’s ok.
So out to start; and see I mean hear ! it starts like there has never been anything wrong.
Rita and I say byby and thank you for the trip. On my way back home I go by Kastet Osmund and Svein Erik are there. I will not stop the engine I don’t want any trouble no, but I tell them about it; so we have like a little battery chat before I go home.
I call John the mechanic, and he will contact me tomorrow.
It was a nice trip even if it was a bit too much rain as well as trouble with my bike but as we say: Hit the road never sour,
That sounds better in Norwegian: Ut på tur aldri sur. Thanks for the trip.


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