Pentecost weekend with Terje at Hjuksebø

Pentecost weekend with Terje at Hjuksebø

2011 06 10 – 13 PInse på Hjuksebø og rundt omkring

I am going to the radium radiation hospital for the last time before I leave. It is not ideal MC weather so I will join the health care bus to Oslo.

It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to my angels there, but I hope that I do not see them anymore.
Home again I’m almost done packing and I’m running MC to Hjuksebø in spite of the weather; it is not the best, on the contrary it rains.

Pentecost is long and I reckon that there will be some nice weather and then it is silly not to have the bike.
The weather got nice when I am at Vikersund and then there is no more rain this weekend, not where I am anyhow.
Therefore, when I arrive; first there is coffee and a chat in the sun, delicious. Afterwards, dinner, wine and a wonderful evening.

Saturday we are out for a ride after a late and leisurely breakfast. We travel to Notodden and on to Bø and then to Vrangfoss; a place that is one of the locks where boats on the Telemark Canal are getting up and down streams. We stay there for a while looking at the locks and then we had apple pie with cream and a cup of coffee. We decide that we will take a trip on the Telemark Canal during the summer.

Map of the trip to Vrangfoss
We are late, not home until around 20:00. Therefore, there will be a late dinner.

Spa and wine today too. It feels like my body really was in need for this.
 It’s especially nice for it has been difficult to take a bath when I have had maps all over the body that should not be lost due to radiation.

It is a bit late before we start Sunday as well, the weather is nice and we are running  over Tuddal, Råen and Gaustatoppen and then to Rjukan. Terje take some pictures, and on the road over the mountain, he films a bit too. He likes this road trip and run here several times a year. At Rjukan, we stop at the bridge where I have bungee jumped from two times. Terje is dizzy just to look down there. Afterword’s we drive the bikes up to Vemork, where we visit the factory museum, where the heavy water was produced during the war and it’s quite interesting. It is both power and war history here.

We will run along Rauland on our way home. There are many fun roads to run the bike and a lot of nice views, nature, steep cliffs, waterfalls and gardens along the roadside. We had dinner at Åmot on the way home, moose meatballs; very good. They have a little too soft chairs there and the chair of Terje kneels so he goes on his  back, but because the legs of the chair is so soft it all goes in slow motion and no damage occurs.

Later there will be another stop, delicious with soft ice and coffee; a middle meal.
We are home at 8 o’clock today as well, a little stiff and sore so it’s extra good with wine and spa. Do not have to cook dinner when we ate on the trip, so there will be a good omelet instead.

Maps for the trip across the mountains to Rjukan.

Monday and it is a holyday, no working so we make a tour of the trip to my home and we had lunch outside Langebru Hokksund. We took a different route than the highway but I do not want to find more maps, but it was nice to run there, a little more to look at and with lots of turns and stuff.  

Pentecost weekend is over and we go each our way.
Thanks for a very nice weekend.


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