Motorcycle’s Day in Buskerud

Saturday, 21.05.2011 motorcycle’s Day in Buskerud

2011 05 21 MC dag i Buskerud

Saturday was the motorcycle’s day in Buskerud. This year the motorcade of motorcycles, go from Drammen to Hønefoss. Due to heavy digging in streets of Drammen it is decided that it should start from Langebru.

There were many nice bikes starting and there were about 250 bikes. Many people came to see and hear. It was a busy day on the market square.

It’s funny when one bike after another hums into the square, I feel a bit excited like, it hums a little in my soul too.
NMCU (Norwegan motorcykle union) arrange this day different places all over Norway. Ringerike motorcycle club will be responsible for sales of coffee donuts and sausages and stuff. We are many people at work to get everything done. We have to rig speakers, putting together sales table set up party tents and putting up banners and posters. We also have to organize the parking and someone has to shut down traffic in the intersections so it is not going vehicles in between the motorcade. We are many people to take care of the sale too. We earned a few dollars so we will be able to have a Christmas party this year too.
This is clip from Ringerike newspaper
Motorcycle days 2011

In the evening, we had a party on the remaining donuts and sausages.

Then we took off to the town the rest of the night.

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