The international female motorcycle day.

The international female motorcycle day.

2011 05 06 MC dag for damer

The coming Friday 6 May is celebrated on the international «Ride-motorcycle- day” for women worldwide. Does something happen in Norway?
The idea is that on this day more women than ever will go drive their motorcycles. This selection occurs in several places in the world, e.g. U.S., Russia, India and various countries in Europe and it is the fifth year it is held.

The event is set in motion to get more women aware of using the bike when they first got it.
If you live in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, the outer edge or inner inside a fjord, go for a ride on the bike alone or get you some friends.
Will you celebrate this day?
Yes, Britt sent me this mail and we agreed to get together a few ladies to ride this day. We sent messages on FB and called and sent sms to someone too.
We set up Kastet as our meeting place.

We were able to gather 5 ladies ready to take a ride. It is early in the season here in Norway so not all have their bike ready yet so it’s not going to be a big show. Britt had rose-panted c waffle thaw strapped on the back of the bike, we had coffee and cake and after riding through Hønefoss and around Røyse we find a table by the sea at a place called Vik. Britt had tablecloth and all the other stuff that we needed for our coffee break. We are having a great time and it’s so nice to be just girls for ones. So there we were really having fun and enjoying the lady’s international biker day.

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