Concert: The Wall – with Roger Waters

Concert: The Wall –  with Roger Waters

2011 05 01 The wall

I have been looking forward to this for a long time, its fare to rare that I’m at a concert.  I have been so lucky to get this concert as a birthday present from Terje.
Rita is also going and we take the 17:00 bus going to Oslo. We get off at Lysaker, it’s a nice walkway from there to Fornebu and the Telenor Arena were the concert are going to take place. We met up with Terje and his friend Synnøve outside the entrance. They are also excited about this event.

 And there it is: the wall on stage. 26 years after the band exit it is a milder and more conciliatory Roger Waters playing in Oslo. Once again Waters will perform the concept album The Wall like he did during one of the greatest concerts in rock history – in Berlin, one year after the Berlin Wall fell. Waters does not exclude even a new partnership with the old band mates. But it is not probably because Richard Wright died three years ago. Pink Floyd In other words is history. And this is perhaps 67-year-old Roger Waters’ latest tour. But the music lives on.
«All in all it’s Just another brick in the wall.»

Despite the technical problems Waters had, the concert on Sunday evening was a successful show.

 When the wall stood silent and quiet in front of the audience, while engineers worked hard behind the scenes it seems that it is therefore true that it is easier to build than to tear down walls.

Perhaps it was something to learn here too about bricks in the wall.
We enjoyed the concert very much.  
Then as always everything has and end; also this concert. The busses are going into town to deliver us all in different places.  We all share some time with a beer and some vine before the buses takes us to our separate paths home.
Thanks for a great evening.


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