Risør with OWB (Old Wise and Beautiful)

2011 04 29 Risør med Terje og OWB Blog og FB

Risør with OWB (Old Wise and Beautiful)

OWB have rented some cabins at Risør this weekend. Early get together and get to know each other before the season start, it sounds very nice.
I am biking to Terje on Thursday and we will continue to Risør together with other members of OWB on Friday.
We are leaving Notodden at 1200; some in car some on bikes. Not everyone has their bike ready yet; it’s early in the season.
We had a great ride along some old roads, the mood is high and we are looking forward to being together this weekend. It’s like a little taste of what the summer is going to bring. Arriving we are greeted by some that got here on Thursday. It is a wonderful place two big condos with lots of rooms and bath. In between there is a big floor veranda were we gather up to talk and have fun.
It’s sunny, spring, almost summer, Risør is wonderful and it’s only April. We benches at a long table for us at the pier, this is what one might call a wonderful life; there will be drinks, wine, beer and pizza, Very Nice. There are some celebrations in Risør so there will be a trip into town for some of us. There are quite a lot of people vigor and life and time flies. It will be late or early depending on how you see it, may as well get some sleep.
Terje and I take a walk down to fishing pier to have shrimps and fish cakes, a lovely walk in the sun.
Terje and I will be traveling home on Saturday; it’s a bit sad we would be happy to be here the whole weekend. But we are going to a concert; listen to The Wall with Roger Waters on Sunday. I’ll be the nanny in between there too so we have to go home.
We have a lovely trip home too, we split up and Terje goes to Notodden and I continue to Hønefoss. For me it was about 5 hours on the bike, lovely whether all the time and I made it home before the grandchildren come along.
Thank you folks for yet another great gatherin



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