Easter holiday with Terje at Hjuksebø


2011 04 20-25 påske hos Terje Blogg og Facebook

Easter holiday with Terje at Hjuksebø
Back home from the Norwegian Radium Hospital I pack a bag to ride the Kawasaki on my trip to Hjuksebø. It appears that my Harley is not completed yet. It’s at Olav’s garage at Langebru, but just as I am picking up my bag Olav calls and say my bike is ready. That is so wonderful, the Kawasaki is a fine and good bike but it’s like it’s the Harley I really do want to ride just now. Now I have to reorganize the trip a bit, I have to get to Langebru and take the Harley from there. I call my friend Lill-Tove she is willing to drive me to Langebru but we have to take my care because hers at the garage.  At Olav’s Garage I pop into my driving clothes say goodbye to Lill-Tove and Olav. Finally I am on my way to Terje and Hjuksebø. Life feels good.

Hjuksebø is a very nice place, nice views everywhere and Terjes house is well located with a view over Heddalsvannet (Heddal Lake) and the mountains around.

The sun is shining and we go for a walk and afterword we have coffee by the wall in the sun.

One of our rides was over the mountain toward Rjukan. We drive from Hjuksebø to Notodden and follow Heddal Road up Tuddal over the mountain and viewing Gaustatoppen and then down to Rjukan. We had a lovely lunch before we headed for home driving along Tinnsjøen (Tinnlake) and around to Hjuksebø. We had several stops along the route; lot of good view spots and we also had some really good soft ice. A wonderful ride with lots of nice turns and sun sun sun. Well home we had Jacuzzi and vine for aching muscles, that’s really good. It’s early in the season and we are not accustomed to bike riding yet.


Today we have dinner before we go, I have bought lamb roast. At least I thought so, but it turns out to be roast beef. Ok that is good too but ugh it should have been lamb. We enjoy dinner on the porch, the sun is shining today too and it’s going to be a lovely day. We drive to Gvarv, BØ along the Seljordsvannet (Seljord Lake) to Hjartdal, Notodden and Hjuksebø. This also is a fabulous round with lots of views.

Good thing can’t be said to often and I agree Sun sun sun.

But it is a bit cold along the lake and Terje has cheated with the dressing to day so he gets bit cold on the way back. It’s not summer yet. It’s wonderful when Easter is so late and with such nice weather, especially for us Two Wheeler receiving a considerably extended season.


Today we are having a barbeque and Terjes mother and son is visiting. It is really a bit of everything to eat and we are enjoying ourselves with food and wine for a long time. Then coffee and cognac and ice cream for dessert.

Later that evening or night I should say; Terje and I take the bus to Notodden to meet with some friends at a local bar. And even later we attend the nightclub at Heavy Horses a local mc club.

It`s morning before we are home, the birds are singing, I think we will be sleeping in today.

Today’s dinner is moose steak that Terjes mother has prepared, looking forward to that. And there is lot of leftovers of all kind in the fridge so it’s easy to do dinner; again we eat at the porch. It’s unbelievable the good whether we have and we are outside as much as possible. I have been on a little walk and picked some anemones for the table and we just enjoy everything while we have it.

But as always, everything has an end and so has this holiday, too. It has been a wonderful vacation with Terje so thank you.






2011 04 20-25 påske hos Terje Blogg og Facebook
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