A letter to the Parking Company

I decided to try to kind of complain about the fine. I knew I had done something wrong but then again I was so busy with what Markus was doing, I am after all a grandmother so what can you expect. I thought better to try than to regret later so I wrote this letter to the paring company:
Hi Europark
I parked at the mall Cuben Hønefoss 12.04.2011
I was out with my grandson Markus, we were shopping.
Big and clever as he is, he will arrange everything.
So he arranges the parking ticket and put it in the window.
I do not think about it, and does not check, I am concerned with taking the picture of him. We are supposed to enjoy ourselves and it’s fun with a little documentation for his album.
So we go shopping and we have coffee, cake, some ice and, having a good time.
But then; horror and terror, when we are going home, I see that I have got a fine.
I do not understand because we are not too late, but then I see, Markus is a big and clever boy, but only 4 years old.
He has put the ticket upside down Oh, I say to Markus: now I’ve got a fine because the ticket are placed the wrong way, but its okay, this things happens.  

You should have shown me y’know grandma «he said.
That’s true I should have but I did not and no I had my lesson.

I wish I had shown him but I didn’t. So now I send this letter to you with the picture of Markus placing the ticket and the ticket as evidence and hope that there is a possibility that you can see this as a miner fault and that there is a miner chance   for me to not pay this fine.

Hopefully Turid

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