Markus out shopping with Grandma

 Markus and grandmother out shopping

2011 04 12 Markus og mormor på shopping

I’ll get Markus a little bit before the usual time in kindergarten today, because we are going shopping.
Markus is looking forward to this and I do too. We talk a little about what he should have, he needs a new pair of pants and panties, he says.. Do you want a toy then? I ask. No: I have so many toys, he says, but I love to go to a cafe and there I will have 2 buns and a soft drink.
Yeah so we go, Markus will arrange for parking, and it runs smoothly. It’s really fun to fix things. Big boy y’know. 4 and a half going on 5. I take a picture of him placing the parking ticket in the car. I assume there will be episodes that i want to take pictures of to put in his album.

He finds himself two pants, a t-shirt and a short armed shirt and a pack of three underwear panties. He immediately decided what to wear to kindergarten tomorrow.
Lill-Tove is meeting up with us: its time enjoy coffee buns and soft drinks. Markus is having a great time shoving people what he has purchased and loving his buns, Ice cream and soft drink.

So it’s time to return to Grandma’s house, the girls should have arrived from school by no and Markus is eager to show them what he has purchased.

So we go to get the car in the parking hose; of then terror and horror, I’ve been fined, I am a bit baffled, we have not been away for too long so what’s this? Then I see that they have not managed to read the tag, it lies with the backside up.
I tell Markus about the ticket placed the wrong way and that we have got a fine: but well nothing we can do about that now.

No, says Markus: you should have shown me y’know.
So well be it; I can just pay and forget, one should not cry over spilled milk:”my mother used to say; so I don’t.
But some lessons cost a bit, for example, for $ 110.00.


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