MC bike ride to Sweden


2011 04 09 MC tur til Sverige

I’ve been on MC trip to Sweden. We were 5 bikes that left  Kastet, our meeting place that Saturday. Kasper, Osmund, Maja, Tyra( Maja daughter) and me.
We agreed to travel to Ørje and from there to Töcksfors. It’s a bit cold when we start but I have dressed well and I am fine. Wool underwear without sleeves and legs, wool underwear with sleeves and legs, then yet a layer whit wool a little bit thicker, padded leather pants, lined running jacket and leather vest. I will not freeze; you can say i am well dressed.
At Slitu we have a break and enjoy ourselves with coffee, cocoa and assorted cakes mmmm delicious. We needed a little rest and stretch. There, Majas phone; a call from her son Leif, he’s out biking with Tor Arne, my son in-law and Dave, a friend. They decide to come after us to Sweden.
We are not in the usual shopping trip (many thing are cheaper in Sweden so sometimes we go there to do a lot of shopping), we are just going for the sake of the ride. But there are some shopping anyway I purchased yellow sunglasses, I ride the yellow kawasaki today and it was like those who lacked so I could be really stylish then. And so it was orange and purple scarves, they are going to be bits of my outfit when on a bike meeting, I just have to have them. I also found the little black shorts that I’ll be using outside the wool dress so no one sees that it really sagging in the back part. I then add with some vitamins, chicken fillet, turkey breast and honey, I’m very happy with my shopping.
Then Tor Arne, Leif and Dave arrived and we were 8 people for dinner, and we had a great time in Sweden.

So we are riding home we are back in Norway about 1900 of clock. It is great to be back on the road, the season has started a bit early its fantastic.

So to all who participated, thank you for a pleasant day on the Bike.


<ahref=»»&gt; Kjopesenteromrader Töcksfors
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