My first bike ride of the year.

My first bike ride of the year.

2011 04 06 Første mc tur i år

A member of my club Kasper had to help me get going yesterday; because when I tried to start the bike it did not.

I will ride the Kawasaki today, my Harley Davidson are at a garage at Langebru. I don’t get it back before the 16 April I think.

But I also love my little yellow Kawasaki, it rarely disappoint me. It must have some new part sometimes, like batteries and tires but it’s not too expensive to keep.

So now I put on my full driving clothes. It means a lot of wool, 5 types of trousers, and the latter seems to be a little tight, yes. It’s an early start this year; I expect that I can quickly get cold on the bike. No problem starting the bike today, and of we go.

Oh so wonderful; the season has started.

The engine is going a bit too fast; I have used the choke and it sound like I have not cut it off.

I stop to check, but I have, it’s off. When I see a screw that I think you can adjust the idle and I try and eureka, it’s the idle screw, I feel really good, almost feel like I am a bit proud; I did it.
So I ride up to Kjersti at Jevnaker, nice to have a goal for the trip. I get food and coffee and a nice chat. The sun is shining and it’s absolutely beautiful in the sun.
So I ride to Ellen another friend of mine. Where we had this photo session of me on my bike, it was really Fun. Ellens blogg

Ellen is an artist and photographer

Next stop is at Kastet, where there are several people with bikes, and we take a ride to a place called Vik travel station. There I have coffee and Ice Cream.  

Oh what a woderful life and an awesome start to the season.


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