A lovely day in the sun

A lovely day

2011 04 06 Første mc tur i år

I had a lovely day yesterday; first sunbathing at the veranda, reading even knitting a bit. It is so good to feel the sun on my body.

I cannot have the sun on one breast and the surrounding area. This is due to the radiation and cancer treatment I have had.  This is for 1 year so I am trying to find an easy way to do it so I do not have to think too much about it.

Later in the day, I put on my driving gear and hit the road. I am driving the yellow Kawasaki Eliminator 600, it is a little but good bike and I love it.

When I run my yellow Kawasaki I get this kick by putting on all this yellow accessories: as top, sunglasses, scarves, nail polish, hair elastic to braids, etc., then this has become my style and I have great pleasure in it. I think It add something to my driving too; my bike and me are one unit.

I was riding for about three hours, had some soft ice and coffee, a wonderful day on the road.

I drive the Kawasaki because my Harley Davidson is at the garage again, this time there is a loose forward gear. I hope I get it back soon.

Thank you for today.


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