Harley – Davidson & Southern Rock Cruise

 Harley Cruice

FB mappe fra MC Cruice

I will travel with Terje and his MC club the OWB (Old Wise and Beautiful) and it’s always fun. We start the trip by taking the bus from Notodden to Oslo. At the bus we have coffee, coffee and baileys, even beer so we are in the party mood at ones.

There are so many happy and expectant people. I am excited about the cruise?
It’s a little different, not the usual cruise to Kiel.
We start in restaurant with lots of good food and the atmosphere is completely on top.
There are many fine Harley Davidson bikes on display around. How would it be with a new one?

On board there is a shopping street, several restaurants and pubs. On Donkey pub the atmosphere is high. There is several artists performing and I like it a lot.

There is also a big show its great with different layouts and lot of familiar music and dance.

Later there is dancing for us and the night gets late or shall we say early.

 Arriving Kiel in Germany we went out in the streets and the thriving life. Here is spring and we have some beer out in the sun. It’s wonderful and we canhere some bikes too;

In Norway it’s a bit early for that. We are all waiting for spring, to take out our bikes and start the bike season.

It’s really lovely to sit here in the sun.

So we need to start on the way back to the ship. Well on board is the whirlpool that is next. Hot tub and sauna with panoramic views and serving, this is so good. So we have a little powernap before the evening.
So on our way back to Norway there are dance and show, indulging in good food again, it’s lovely to onboard.

But this also has and end; thank you all for a nice trip

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