Taking away my cancer

Jeg er frisk

To day they are going to take away my cancer

I slept well for a while. Waking and sleeping and waking in the morning. But I feel calm.

When in the middle of crises you just go with the flow, do what you have to do.

I expect a bit of waiting to day too

First thing I’ll be down and away on the area of breast cancer center. It is located on the other side of the road but it is a tunnel from the basement of the hospital. A nurse is following me all the way.

They will insert a pin to mark the area in my breast. So they use ultrasound. It is hard to find. I suppose it is positive.

They’re taking a new mammography, but the stick is not quite right so they need to insert one more.

It is not getting easier because now there is a bleeding that also blurs the vision on the ultrasound.  But she find the spot and then of to mammography again. She has just used a needle in case she has to try another again. It is difficult with the needle and the mammography part; the needle must not fall out. But it looks right so it’s back to the other room again and put in the marker pin.

Then out to the Mammography again. When the shots are taken there is blood spilling on the plates, as you know there has to be a little pressure on the breasts to take this images.

But now the marker pins are correctly installed.

It has been about 2 hours sins I left my hospital bed.

They think and say; you are good and patient and they smile a lot.
So I am in my room again. I get a lot of pills to help me through the operation and after.

It may well be I’m getting a bit slow gradually now.

So now it’s time for surgery nearly 1300 of clock
I am in the 8 floor the operation is in the 6 floor.
No its time for more medicine to help me through the operation.
Tablets of relaxation and calm again, the plate on the stomach, it’s something they will need when they use electric power. Monitor equipment for monitoring me. And last there is the face mask (not like that to get nice skin that is) for respirator and narcosis. And I am gone.

I will be awakened and a nurse says; now you’re finished.


I cry a little, tired and unsure of the result.

Then the surgeon come and she says that they have taken away the cancer, the guard gland was fine, nothing there and I’m



I leave the surgery on my own two feet and arrives for dinner at 15.30
it was delicious.

I have not eaten since 19:00 last night.


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