Finally, I am in Thailand

2011 03 04-18 Thailand bilder til blogg

We are 3 girls going to the land of smiles, Anne Gro, Dagny and me Turid.
Thai Airways is accurate and 11 hours to Bangkok is a breeze. Refreshments, food and drinks are free also dinner and breakfast. I have very restless legs, forgotten my compression stockings so I got restless legs. I have to move about a lot.
It says in the brochure that it takes about 3 hours by bus from Bangkok to Hua Hin. It’s not something to look forward to exactly, but we can try to sleep, but then we learned that Dagnys aunt has ordered us a taxi. So then this trip also is a breeze. For a while.

We’re going to Soi Moo baan, Tangrodfaifangtawantok in Prachuabkhirikhan Province.Puhf
The driver does not speak English and it turns out he cannot find the address. We’re going to a slum area and he turns. We show him the address we are going to but he only speaks about silliland and Master Tom, he cannot read what’s on our paper. Silliland, we have not heard about, but he drives us there. It turns out to be the place where Dagny`s uncle lives, it is actually named Sirin Land. Well then, we greeted them, but it was not where we should be at this time. We say; with al lot of body language he has to ask someone, another taxi or something, find out where we are going. So in the end he calls Master Tom and Dagny speak with him. So now it gets done, Master Tom is meeting up whit us and led the way to Ban Norway. We were nearly there, you just have to pass the slum and you come to Ban Norway.

So then they carry our suitcases into the apartment and everything is fine for a while. But we are weary and tired. It is nearly twenty hours sins I got up this morning. It’s now the day after.

But there is a lot to do in the apartment we must take the plastic of the beds and furniture, it’s all new. The flat has not been used before and it is a bit dusty too. And we are hungry. We have some nuts and bear and go to work, we rap of the plastic of the madras’s and pillows but we are wearied.

We decided to go to the pool to have a powernap.  We are heading for dreamland when we are awakened by the phone.

There are neighbors who want to clean the apartment for us, as it is dusty. No one has previously lived here. He had misunderstood and thought we came a week later. His little Thai wife arrives with a vacuum cleaner, buckets and cleaning cloths. Yeah, it was a bit of luxury on the ladies anyway. The apartment is now clean and ready. Harry our good neighbor offers to drive us to the nearest store so that we can do some shopping, necessary goods like water, bread and snacks. Harry recommends Yellow House a small local café for dinner, its Norwegian people there and good food. Then we had our day and then some.
The next day we went to the beach. It is delightful with sand between your toes and lovely hot water.

I buy myself a dress, Baylis dress; we are not talking about any cocktail dress, no, this is used for breakfast when we have our holiday baylis breakfast.
We get our self pedicure, Anne Gro and I for the first time. We get lots of tan and have a great time. We meet a couple of nice guys who stop and talk, they are Geir and Arild, 2 gay gays, and they are friends but not boyfriends. They give us good advice for our stay. Arild live in northern Thailand, but as he says: I too have to have a holiday.
Then we call our thailady so she can bring us “home” to rest and get ready for a city tour. It is a bit difficult to find the place where we live so we are so glad we find this lady that understand must of what we say, she has helped us with a lot of things already she even fix our laundry.

We have been visiting the uncle and aunt of Dagny and greeted some of the family. They served a delicious Thai chicken casserole. A couple of days later they come for a ride on their scooters and visited us, fruit and wine on the terrace and then a trip to the Yellow house to eat.

Monday, it’s my Birthday. Dagny and Anne Gro are giving me dinner that evening and I will also get a Thai massage. That is so nice and I am looking forward to that. 

I get dinner at a nice restaurant by the sea. Delicious food and wine.
We’re going to a drag show; they have nice suits and the show is ok, maybe a little boring. But they are very nice, lots of costumes. Because of my birthday I receive congratulations on stage. Fun.

It’s probably nice to be a drag artist in Thailand Katoy they are called.

At town again we meet the guys from the beach and have a fun evening. I get a lot of roses.

The next day I’ll have the rest of the gift, massage.
We call our Thai lady who takes us by Tuktuk to the city. First, some food, we eat at a health restaurant by the beach. Then it starts to blow very strong, the soup on Dagny spoon blows off and all over her dress.
There is a little rain. But we are ready for the massage. 2 hours of Thai massage by the blind. It is hard and painful Anne Gro and I am oiiing and screaming, Dagny have selected 1 hour oil massage so there are only good sounds from here. Afterwards it’s a little city tour.

The next day we take a day in the garden here at the pool; we read and get a lot of color. In the evening, we are of to town. Again we meet Arild og Geir and we all have a nice evening. We eat pork and dip in the Norwegian bar, Geir have two portions and then a double ice. He is a big fellow.

So we are going to a safari. Lovely day, it rains a bit. Our Thai lady is coming to drive: and she have brought lunch for us, that’s something he. First there is the elephant show, so the snake shows and then eventually the crocodiles. Afterwards we will go out and have a ride at the elephants. Anne Gro and Dagny have got them self an elephant driver that seems to have trouble with steering the elephant; it will into the woods and do other things.  They scream and cry and think they are falling off. We take lots of pictures and have a fantastic day. I hold and kiss both the crocodile and a snake; Anne Gro is holding too. Dagny is very brave and patted a snake; she has really panicked, so it’s well done.

 Dagny has fallen in love with a dress in a tailor’s window. So in we go; must take some measure.
It ends with Dress for Anne Gro also and skirt for me. I have looked for tulip skirts, but not found. So now I’m trying to draw one and hope it will be correct.

After several trying and adjustments we are all satisfied. It was not exactly tulip skirt then but it’s pretty nice.
We get our Thai lady to find a nice beach to us. She drives us to Sai Noi Beach it is located behind the big Buddha. Dagny and Anne Gro has become a little red, so they must be careful with the sun today. It really is a nice beach and we enjoy being here. I do a lot of beach walking. I’m not so much on the sun bed I don’t have a body that likes to lie down.

 On the way home we go visit the Great Buddha and it is a bit of a staircase walk of Dagny and me. But we reached the top, almost worn out (it’s nice and warm going uphill). Very pleased that we did it. We saw a monkey on the way up. Buddha is enormous fun to watch. We also see the small shelters were the monks live, not the monkeys.
So we are going to attend Uncle Richards birthday, he is 80 years old. It is a street party. It is decorated in the street with tables, chairs and flower arrangements.  Relatives, friends and neighbors are coming. It is ordered music. It’s a car they have tagged with happy birthday and there is 2 ladies’s singing. I think it is a kind of karaoke equipment. There is also a drag artist who is coming; he entertained with a traditional Thai dance, very nice. It is also ordered lots of good Thai food, a little bit too strong for most of us. The young old man dance and dance, it’s amazing so agile he is. No reason to dread of being 80 years. There will be cakes and flowers and greetings, he is very happy with guests from Norway and Denmark, and in the street it’s the several nationalities. It’s quite an experience for us too, and it seems like there is a common way to celebrate, move it out into the street so everyone can participate. Later comes another drag artist draw to entertain.

Then there are more beach life, lovely warm water, it’s good for both body and soul. Nice to have our own separate Thai lady with Tuktuk running us around for a cheap price. There is clearly land of smiles, everyone is helpful, but with poor English, it is good to have found someone you can communicate with, she is very helpful to us. If she is unable to drive she sends her husband. He has been instructed to take care of us, but he does not speak English so well but it’s ok; he has received instructions from his wife. After a lot of back and forth, we find three Harley Davidson shops, but only the latter have T-shirts and little extras like that. I bought two shirts and a helmet; I have obtained the belts on the market.

We will celebrate Dagny`s birthday too, Anne Gro and I buy here manicure and in the evening we will take her to the top of Hilton Hotel and take a drink and admire the stunning views. This also is a fantastic night; we know how to enjoy ourselves.
And Dagny does not look a day older, just smile and sheer charisma much positive energy there.

One day when it rains a bit we go for shopping at a big mall. Shopping is most pleasant because it’s so pleasant prizes too.   We eat at a nice restaurant, Peeking And and other good stuff. Well I talk a lot about food; but you see there is plenty of food and wine and beer and coffee and baileys, and … We have bought us so nice baileys dresses and yes a bit of the holiday is to have some good food to. .

We take nice oil massage on the beach too, this is luxury life.
One day when Dagny is visiting her uncle Anne Gro and I go for a city tour; Coffee and cake and vibrant life. But we would like to have more massage. So there we are in the same booth, the ladies talk nice with each other and it’s nice. But then says Anne Gro; Pingle massage, this here is not okay massage, this is tourist massage. Later we meet up with Dagny and we have a beer; but Anne Gro goes for a massage, a real one.
Our last day in Thailand at the pool; then comes the messenger from the tailor with the dresses for Dagny and Anne Gro. Dagny tries her dress and dance around she so happy and content.

Anne Gro’s dress is also nice but she is not quite as easy going as Dagny about it. I have had my skirt earlier; as I said it was not a tulip skirt but I like it.

Our Thay lady was here too and she had presents for us;

We get jewelry boxes as a gift so she has probably been happy with us too.

So as I usually say: everything has and end so has this holiday in Thailand and we loved every moment of it.
Thanks for a great trip.

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