BP Zinzino


2011 Zinzino FP 3 februar

BP Zinzino Wednesday 2 February 2011
Business Presentation

At  Håndverkeren Course & Conference Center «meeting rooms in the City. » meeting rooms just 40 meters from the city center and main street.

Tor Eivind opens and presents the speakers today.

First up is Øyvind Lien, always energetic, inspiring, and a bit rude and we believe we can become world champions together, we can.

Nice break where you get to talk a bit with all the other inspired people. And drink a lot of coffee, good coffee.

Then there’s Ørjan Sæle, founder of the company, he gives of himself in his speeches and it is impossible not to be touched, maybe a little annoyed, too, he hit up the middle of the corner, has he a camera in your home so he can see what you do and what you don’t do.
He is very concerned that we develop ourselves, we should be our own and others’ bosses and t you have to learn things; read and learn. Everyone eats a lot and feeds the stomach, no complaints about the price of dinner or lunch, but when it comes to books we think it is expensive.

We need to prioritize the brain; the stomach has had enough by thus books.

So it is over, we must go home now.

It is bad wether with snow at Sollihøgda , I’m a wimp been on slippery roads and Tor Eivind wonder if I have parked, and now that I think it went so well.


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