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Fate of the circle

Be aware of your thoughts – For those are the words! Be aware of your words – for they become actions! Be aware of your actions – For they become habits! Be aware of your habits – For they become … Les videre

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 Vær oppmerksom på dine tanker –          For de blir til ord! Vær oppmerksom på dine ord –          For de blir til handlinger! Vær oppmerksom på dine handlinger –          For de blir til vaner! Vær oppmerksom på dine vaner –          For … Les videre

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 Denne har jeg strikka og

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New Ways to Think About Grief

  | February 17 2011           The so-called «five stages» of grief are deeply embedded in current culture — denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. But recently, researchers using sophisticated methods of data collection have begun … Les videre

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BP Zinzino

  2011 Zinzino FP 3 februar BP Zinzino Wednesday 2 February 2011 Business Presentation At  Håndverkeren Course & Conference Center «meeting rooms in the City. » meeting rooms just 40 meters from the city center and main street. Tor Eivind … Les videre

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A visit to Heddal stave church

Last weekend I visited Terjes place Hjuksebø outside Notodden.On Saturday we went for a drive and looked at Heddal Stave Church. 2011 01 29 HosTerje – Heddal Stavkirke Heddal stave church (Heddal stavkirke) is a stave church located at Heddal … Les videre

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