Zinzino Event – Kick of 2011

I have been to a Zinzino Event in Oslo.
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There are a lot of energy and knowledge to obtain from many good speakers.
Conference was Diamond Lars Vidar Synes he is very energetic and clever.
The theme is
Just Do It.
The first speaker is Diamond Øyvind Lien. He talked about wanting to do to today that what so many want do, to be able to do what he wants tomorrow. You must remove the noise and stay focused on the task. It is the future you are building.
Just Do It.
The next speaker is Crown Finn Olav Nenseth. He spooked of an investigation where it appears that those who write down their goals and have a plan earn much more than those who do not.
In a group there were 3% of the students had written goals and had a plan. Some years later this 3% did t earn 10 times as much as the rest of the group. It is important to have goals, but they must be somewhat realistic too.
Advice on how to reach your goal is:
Every evening, write down 5 things to do tomorrow to get closer to your goals. This may be in different levels of your life, both private and in your carrier. Prioritize and write in your calendar. These things you will fix you tomorrow. You can do some of the tasks in between other tasks. This is possible to do.
Just Do It
Director Annti Ståhl
He repeated something that Brian Klemmer said on the Event in Gothenburg: Snow is a choice. That was a prelude to mention that it’s time to qualify for the Top Producer Trip 2011. We travel every year to Nice on the French Riviera, and offers both sunshine, education and a visit to Malongo factory. Top Producer Trip is a very popular journey where you learn a lot and you meet and mingle with the Zinzino leaders and the owners of Malongo & Rombouts. Highlights include the visit to Malongo factory and a boat trip along the French Riviera.
Collect points for you and the team.
Just Do It.
After the break, there were entertaining by Stig Rønning. He has released his own CD and is now also working within Zinzino.

Next is the pastor of the City Church Thomas Ålekjær .
He is so committed and enthusiastic that it is a delight to listen. Some truths and advice presented in a way that is just fantastic.
He says setting goals is like a journey were you plot the destination into your inner GPS.
You’re on the road, you can take small steps and little choices but it’s a bit like this:
No Pain no Gain, it must be just a little bit hurt.
You can choose whether you want a comfortable or sporty travel, that has a slightly spicy lifestyle.
But to travel, you must have fuel, It is not enough to stop (breaks, holidays etc), you must refill.
He has made some points on how to fill up your inner tank.

Comma means a stop, when things are busy, stop and breathe. And remember why you do what you do.

Throw out the passengers. An example would be those who sit in the back seat while driving, so you ask: what do you think, should we go right or left in this intersection, but you get no answer. You’re turn right, it turns out that you chose wrong and then you hear from the back seat: that; yes you should have taken the left, it was what I meant.
Exclamation mark! :
A little fun along the way is a good idea. Spicy lifestyle.
Look at the road, there is something important. Full control will not be interrupted. Turn off the television, telephone and anything that disturbs you. Do what you must do now.

What if I run error?
Rejection, fear of rejection is more harmful than rejection itself. It is easy to interpret everything as rejection and feel inferior. But no, rejection is not dangerous, look at it as an experience to achieve your goals. Because you will have a lot of rejection along the road.
So we have all these idiots on the road, they always blame on others. It is so easily done, to blame the others; it started with Adam and Eva.
When God find that Adam had stolen apples he blamed Eva; she told me to, it is actually your fault too because you gave her to me.
It is limiting to blame others; if you had done things differently it might have been fine.
It is easy to blame it on other things, such as traffic, that you’re stuck, and it may well happen.
If we want to travel we usually know when and where the most traffic is and you have to start the travel according to what you know. It’s not good to blame others, it is harmful if it is a habit, you make yourself a victim and a victim rarely wins.
He also speaks about that it is wise to ask for directions, check that the internal GPS works. Remember that you have a destination.
It’s nice to do things your way, but often it is wise to ask those who have traveled here before you. Put away the pride and ego, be curious and ask.
Just Do It.
President Kurt Rystad inform about the system. It is not necessary to find new ways of doing this. We have good systems that are easy to duplicate and those that make the most money are those who follow the system.
Just Do It
Then there is President Hilde Rismyhr Sæle who also speak a little about the system, follow the system, it is an instruction manual. She compares with a product from Ikea, it is not wise to throw away the manual.
She talks about 5 keys to success.

1. Each one Reach – One 4 – 2-2
2. Each one teach one – follow the system
3. connecting people – introduce new partners to the team
4. Teachable – personal development every day
5. a great smile – meet people with a smile
Just Do It.

The next speaker is Diamond Daniel Laquian
Talking about thinking in long term and in that process it is important to learn to postpone the reward. But what you do every day is important to everything you do. or do not do counts.
Just Do It, do it today.

Then there is the summary and ending with the founder and president Ørjan Sæle.
We do not start at the top; you have to take it one step at a time. It is as if one is to lift weights, you cannot start with the heaviest, you have to start with some light weight and do some work every day until you can lift the heavy ones.
Just Do It

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